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Want to find rare collectibles? eBay was the go-to website for such artifacts. The major collectors are found on eBay trading their artifacts and antiquities. But things are changing now with WhatNot – a new entrant in the field of trading collectibles and rare artifacts.

Although WhatNot is a new brand, it has reached the top spot. This is primarily because of its new and advanced feature that took trading and shopping to the next phase with live streaming.

What is now the leading web and mobile app and recently raised $50 million to allow users to sell Pokémon cards, Funko Pops, etc. It is this lucrative nature of the business that has led to the development of several WhatNot clone apps, which are gaining more than expected popularity. This blog helps you have a better understanding of WhatNot clone scripts and how exactly do they work?

How does the WhatNot clone work?

All listings go online on the WhatNot clone app once they have been reviewed. If an item is sent for verification, you’ll be paid for the sale right away once it’s been verified. If items are sold directly to the buyer, you will be paid two days post-delivery.

As for shipping, the seller does not have to pay any shipping fee for any of the products sold. Shipping expenses will be borne by the buyer. If the total cart price exceeds a predefined limit, then the WhatNot clone app will bear the shipping expenses.

How does it work for the Seller?

Step 1: The seller downloads the app, starts a store, adds products to the catalog, and completes the registration process.

Step 2: Seller can go live on their shop page after the basic setup is complete. They can choose the product they wish to demo before the live stream begins, or they can add additional information to modify the product they want to demo.

Step 3: Seller goes live, and at the bottom of the live stream, product icons will appear.

Step 4: After the video is completed, users can view the video’s insights, such as the number of clicks.

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How does it work for Buyers?

Step 1: The Live Stream of products is organized into categories for users to select and view.

Step 2: After selecting the product stream, the buyer can record the live auction or live product display.

Step 3: If customers want to buy the product, they can select it from the list at the bottom of live stream and read more about it before purchasing it.

How does the Admin make money?

  • Listings of Sponsored Users:

Promote listings that seek additional exposure on the platform; sponsored listings will be labeled as such in accordance with the IAB’s advertising requirements.

  • Platform Fee:

Every purchase made on the platform will incur a platform fee, which can be changed in the admin panel.

  • Listing Fee:

Charge a listing fee for each product that is uploaded in the shop to ensure that only real sellers are on the platform. There’s an option to renew after a set period of time or when the inventory is depleted.

  • Auction Mode:

The live stream has two modes: auction mode and live stream mode. In auction mode, features linked to an auction experience (a timer, bidding, etc.) are enabled for the live stream.

  • Demo Mode:

The standard shopping features (Buy Now, Product description, upsell, cross-sell) are activated in Product Demo mode to improve the user’s buying experience.

  • In-app Analytics:

The product has a strong video analytics engine. Clicks, views, comments, and other actionable events on the video can be measured to gauge the response and make an informed decision regarding the product.

Every week, the Whatnot clone app features a special event called the ‘Drop,’ which gives out collectibles. To enter, users have to simply share the Drop promo page on their social media accounts for a chance to win the sweepstakes-style prize. There’s more to a WhatNot clone app than meets the eye, contact us to get your very own WhatNot clone app.

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