How long do hot air balloon rides last?

We’ve all witnessed these wondrous airships sailing through the skies and wondered how you hire one. But just how long are you in the air when you book yourself a balloon flight? From start to finish, here’s everything you need to know about travel time when you’re taking hot air balloon rides.

Hot air balloon rides

When you arrive at your designated launch site, our friendly personnel will be there to greet you and get you checked in. Your qualified pilot will be present too, and while the pilot is briefing you on safety, the ground crew will be busy, working away to prepare the balloon for lift off. Enjoy Best hot air balloon Vilnius flight in Vilnius

Inflating a hot air balloon is far faster than you might imagine. The part of the balloon filled is called the canopy and is crafted commonly from nylon, able to withstand heat far greater than the 250°F hot air it carries. The durable material takes form quickly and rises from the ground in around just 10 minutes.

With inflation complete, your expert pilot will invite you on board the wicker passenger basket and in a matter of minutes the hot air balloon rises into the skies cheered on by the crowd on the ground.

The in-flight journey

Balloons are not steered, but travel with the wind, which is why it is the main weather factor that can affect your flight duration. The distance covered can also vary with the wind speed but is usually within a radius of 25 miles from the launch site. Flying at their best in light winds from four to six miles per hour, hot air balloons suffer in stronger winds, which can make descent more difficult. If weather conditions are deemed unfit for flight, there’s no need to fret – your ride will be rescheduled for another day that suits you. Safety must always come first.

Coming into land

Hot air balloon rides take you wherever the wind blows so not even your pilot can say for certain. Where you might make port until he selects a suitable spot for landing. Once the place is picked, your pilot will control the balloons altitude, lowering. It towards the landing zone by venting warm air from the canopy.

Baskets are crafted from natural wicker which is not only light but flexes. When it makes contact with the ground for a comfortable landing.

Superior value from your sail through the skies

While many companies offering hot air balloon flights advertise rides lasting around an hour. At  Wickers World, we guarantee flight time of at least 60 minutes. Our flights in fact are sometimes far longer, and often clock closer to 90 minutes duration. Riding in a hot air balloon is not something you do every day. So it’s worth getting a good length of time so you can fully appreciate the experience.

When your journey is borne on the breeze, you can only estimate your flight time. But getting the most for your money in terms of time in the skies is always a wise decision.

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