If you’re going to move to Europe soon, becoming a Deliveroo driver is a great way to make some extra money. This food delivery platform came about because people wanted an easy way to get the best food that local restaurants have to offer. The food will get to the customer on time if the delivery drivers are reliable.

As a Deliveroo driver, you work for yourself and with other people to provide a service. This is your chance to start your own business by partnering with a platform that lets you make extra money in a safe and flexible way.

How Does Deliveroo Work?

Deliveroo makes sure that its three-sided marketplace works well, whether it’s for comfort food, desserts, healthy options, or street food. It connects its partner restaurants, grocery stores, delivery drivers, and customers through its website or app.

Through the website or app, the customer places an order for the meal they want. The order is made at the given restaurant, and a Deliveroo driver picks it up. The delivery person then gives the customer their order. With machine learning being a big part of Deliveroo, the customer can use the app to track their delivery.

The good and bad things about working for Deliveroo

If you’re thinking about becoming a  Deliveroo Business Model, you might want to know what to expect. Here are some of the good things and bad things about working on the platform.

Advantages of Working for Deliveroo

The hours and structure of work are flexible. When you work for Deliveroo, you can choose how often you want to work. You can take orders or turn them down. There are no rules about what kind of vehicle can be used to make deliveries. You can use a scooter, a bike, a motorcycle, or a car.

You can make a good living. As a Deliveroo rider, you can make a good living, especially if you make several trips a day and try to get orders that pay well. Charge an extra delivery fee for deliveries that require a long drive. You can keep all tips from customers when you use Deliveroo.

You get free insurance. Even though Deliveroo riders are self-employed, they are still covered when they deliver food to customers. If you get hurt while delivering an order, Deliveroo will pay for your medical bills. Your income is also safe until you heal from your injury. The scooter riders who deliver orders are also covered by this insurance.

You can use Deliveroo benefits. As a Deliveroo delivery person, you can take advantage of a number of perks. All you have to do is use your email address or Deliveroo ID to get big discounts on car accessories, free drinks, and tools to help you keep track of how much money you make as a driver.

You get free kits. You don’t have to buy a driver kit with your money. As a Deliveroo driver, you can get them for free. This can be helpful, especially if you’re running around on other platforms. Instead of paying extra to get a new kit for your other job, you can use the one that Deliveroo gave you for free and save some money.

How to Work for Deliveroo

You can work for companies in the gig economy like Deliveroo and decide how you work and how much you get paid. If you want to work for Deliveroo, there are steps you need to take. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Ensure you meet the requirements

For Deliveroo to hire you, you have to live in one of the 800 cities and towns it serves. Candidates can come from the UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Hong Kong. You have to be at least 18 years old and get through a background check.

If you’re a delivery driver, you should have a smartphone with the latest version of iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0. You will also need a scooter, car, or bike, as well as a helmet and any other safety gear you may need. Your car should have insurance for delivering food. You should also have a bank account that works in the country where you want to deliver.

2. Fill out a form and wait for approval

To apply to be a Deliveroo driver, you need to go to the website and choose your location from the list. There are four parts to this application stage. You’ll be asked to choose your location and enter your full name, phone number, address, vehicle type, and bank information. You’ll also be asked to upload things like your valid driver’s license and work permit.

3. Get your kit

Depending on the vehicle you’ll be using, you’ll be given some important things to make deliveries as safe and comfortable as possible. You will get a reflective jacket, an insulated backpack, and a phone mount if you ride a bike or scooter. Bicycle riders get extra gear, like a small bag for keeping things warm and a safety helmet.

You can expect to get two thermal bags and a phone mount if you ride in a car. You can buy your kit from any supplier you want, but they have to meet the standards set by Deliveroo. You don’t even have to wear the Deliveroo uniform when you make deliveries. The Deliveroo driver kit store is where you can get your free kit. You can also ask for your core items to be replaced.

4. Get the phone app

Get the app for Deliveroo. You need at least iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0 as your operating system. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign in using your phone number and the security code that was sent to your phone as a text message. When you’re signed in, you can go online and see what orders are available.

Deliveroo also tells drivers who are offline about orders, so you don’t have to worry about missing deliveries. Click the order you want to accept. You can use the app’s map to find the restaurant. When you get there, show a member of staff the details of your order on your phone as proof. Use the app’s route to drop off your passenger.

5. Keep track of your money.

After each delivery, you get paid. Through your app, you can also keep track of every delivery. On the “Earnings” tab, you can see a list of all the money you’ve made. But Deliveroo might not include details like other bonuses, adjustments, or extra compensations that happen at night and during special times.

Deliveroo sends payment slips to delivery riders every month so they can keep track of what they’ve made. As a delivery driver, you should use the money management tools that the platform gives you to keep track of your money. These tools can help you get the most out of perks and rewards, cut your costs, and save money.

Wrapping Up

The market for food delivery is growing so quickly. Building a food delivery app from scratch like Deliveroo can be hard. Partnering with the best and most affordable mobile app development company can be a blessing in disguise.

Apptunix has made more than 800 food delivery apps based on the business model of Deliveroo, and we can do the same for your company. Talk to our project managers right away!

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