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How to Avail Free Medical Check-ups Under a Health Insurance

Process of Getting Free Medical Check-ups Under a Health Insurance :

A free medical check-up facility is one of the advantages of health insurance policies. According to a recent report by the IRDAI, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, health insurance penetration in India is about 3.4 percent. According to industry figures, just 10% of insured persons receive free medical check-ups from their insurance carriers.

The majority of the finest health insurance policies entitle subscribers to free medical check-ups every 2 or 4 years, depending on the policy selected. Even if policyholders are aware of the free medical check-up services, experts estimate that barely 25-35 percent use them.

While many people are unaware of how to obtain free medical examinations, others are concerned about an increase in premiums if the test findings are good. Medical checks, on the other hand, are essential since they may aid in the early discovery of any medical issue or sickness.


The frequency of medical check ups

The number of free medical check-ups available differs across individual and family floater health insurance plans, as well as between insurance providers. Many health insurance companies provide free yearly medical check-ups even if you have submitted a claim during the policy period.

For example, subscribers of Niva Bupa health insurance (formerly known as Max Bupa Health Insurance) can receive free medical check-ups once a year or every alternate year, depending on the kind of health insurance plan chosen


List of medical tests

You can take a variety of tests, and the list is normally specified in the policy wordings. Some of the top health insurance policies will often cover the costs of normal tests such as fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, chest X-ray, complete blood count (CBC), and urine routine, among others.

Another key consideration is that the coverage limit for free medical check-ups is determined by the policy sum covered. The bigger the sum insured on the mediclaim insurance, the higher the free medical check-up limit.

For example, the free medical check-up limit for a health plan with an amount insured of Rs. 20 lakhs will be larger than the limit for a health plan with a sum insured of Rs. 5 lakhs.


How to apply for free medical check-ups with the help of a health insurance?

Many people do not take advantage of the perks because they find the process cumbersome. However, obtaining free medical examinations is an easy process.

  • To begin, call the insurance company’s toll-free number or go to the local branch office to alert them about the free medical check-up service. The procedure differs from one insurance to the next.
  • You can also schedule your health exam by writing or calling the insurer. The insurer will contact you with a confirmed time and date based on your preferences.
  • You will be given an authorization letter, which you must bring with you to the diagnostic centre together with your health card.
  • When you call the toll-free number or visit the local branch, a member of their staff will contact you and arrange for a medical check-up at the recommended diagnostic centre.
  • If you get the tests done in an empanelled hospital or diagnostic centre, the fees are lower and you don’t have to pay anything out of your own money. The insurance settles the payment directly up to the policy limit. You can, however, have the tests performed at a lab of his choosing and file a reimbursement claim with the insurance.

So, why pay for something that is currently covered by your health insurance provider? Given that your medical check-ups have no influence on the cost of your insurance, there’s probably no need to skip your free medical check-up pass. So, don’t put it off any longer; simply contact your health insurance provider and ask for a free health check-up for you and your family.


To conclude

So, now that you know how to take advantage of the free health check-up service and the process, you can simply book one. Not only does the insurance cover medical expenses, but it also keeps you informed about your health. Early detection implies early treatment. It allows you to take immediate corrective action before it is too late.

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