What is unboxing? How can I improve the customer unboxing experience? These are some of the important questions that the manufacturers need to ask from their marketing managers and strategists. Unboxing is a popular term now as many companies share their customers’ experiences of unboxing on YouTube and other channels. This way, they brand their products and engage more potential customers. Especially in the E-Commerce business, unboxing is a key element for branding.

We already know that the content of your custom CBD boxes in e-commerce is important, but today we will give you a simple trick that works like a charm.

Do you know the phenomenon of Unboxing??

Unboxing is the practice of photographing or recording yourself while a new product is opened outside of its original packaging to show its contents, as well as the recipient’s first impression of the product.

Why is Unboxing important for business?

Because every day more visits and unboxing experiences multiply, in blogs, tweets. There are YouTube channels dedicated to Unboxing. So, when you share the unboxing experience daily on these channels or your personal channel, you actually promote your business. When potential customers watch the unboxing of their favorite products, they try to find you that gives you a huge boost.

Why does it help create a value proposition for consumers of your product?

Because the experience of the delivery and the quality of the packaging box greatly influences the feeling of having bought a valuable product and, consequently, that they repeat the purchase. Looking for the WOW effect when they open the box is easy, do not miss the opportunity to impress the customer.

There are many theories that the online store is gaining ground over physical stores.

  • The physical stores give you multiple advantages. The customers can touch, feel, and taste the product. This facility is not available when you buy online. You cannot experience it when exploring E-Commerce stores. Browsing a website is not the same as walking through a department store as the feelings are very different.
  • Regarding online stores, the advantage is that the experience they have when they open their shipping box is a unique feeling.
  • Many online stores neglect this moment called Unboxing. Unpacking the product is the first experience with your product after purchasing it through your website.

Some important questions should be in our mind when planning for using top-quality packaging solutions to improve the unboxing experience. Here are these questions:

  • What type of box does the product carry?
  • What do customers see first?
  • How is the inner product packed?
  • What information do we give you?

It is a very important interaction for your customer. However, many online stores ignore it and bear losses.

Unboxing creates the first brand impression.

There is a lot of talk about optimizing web traffic, A/B tests, loyalty campaigns, segmentation, but in the end, the first impression is tactile, and we have to try to do it well. The packaging manufacturers need to understand the value of the unboxing experience. It helps them make packaging options like CBD oil tincture boxes more presentable and attractive. 

Many companies are in our surroundings that have physical stores. However, they have started selling their products via E-Commerce. Through physical stores, they allow their customers to touch, feel, and taste their products. However, it is not possible while selling online. In this scenario, they use the option of unboxing that creates attraction and brand awareness. And if they have made the unboxing experience incredible, the chances of conversion can be multiplied.

How to improve unboxing?

Using CBD custom boxes for  inside and outside gives you an edge over others. This way, opening the package gives you the option to celebrate with your product. Some companies also offer additional items inside the box as a surprise gift to the buyers. 

We can observe in our surroundings that many companies do not go with conventional packaging solutions. They incorporate something different to inspire their customers. For example, using fun or gaming options on packaging boxes can engage the customers even before opening the box. Therefore, we think that cigar packaging boxes can be one of the most attractive and suitable options for branding.

Concluding Remarks

Unboxing your favorite product always fascinates you. The companies understand it and use different ideas to make unboxing a unique experience. And when customers find unboxing more attractive, they make videos and share them on social media. No branding can be better than it. It makes the experience a success, and many companies try to convince their customers to send their unboxing experience to the manufacturers. Spreading the word and showing their satisfaction with the purchased product engage more potential customers that help increase conversion.

So, in this way, taking care of the details to a minimum is how you get to be successful in unboxing.

By Evie kline

For over many years after gaining worthy experience in digital marketing from multiple projects. I am currently serving at CBD Packaging Store as a digital marketing associate. Where I put all of my efforts into my team to obtain maximum results in my profession. Visit our store if you need any kind of assistance regarding CBD product packaging.

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