How to Create a WordPress Website Using Elementor 2022

In How to Create a WordPress Website Using Elementor 2022 step-by-step WordPress tutorial, we will show you how to create a beautiful 5-page website using Element.

Want to learn how to use Elementor?

Too often I’ve been frustrated by promising topics that were incredibly slow:

This money was wasted because for me there was no chance to stay with the multi-faceted topic, which the world had promised, but eventually reached the pages that took 4-5 seconds to pick up. A disaster in the context of SEO.

That’s why I was so excited about the release of the latest opening theme called Hello Theme, created with speed and minimalism in mind by the SitePoint professional team. The Hello theme is also fully compatible with page builders, making it a great candidate to experiment with Element.

How to use Element?

Install Element
To install Element, make sure you are ready to install your WordPress. In the WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins”> “Add New” and insert “Element” in the search bar. Then click the “Install” button and then the “Activate” button.

Edit a new page with Elementor
“Go to Pages”> “Add New”. Then, click the “Match Element” button.

Enter the element pattern
You should now be in Elementor Manager. Click “Add Candy” and choose from a wide range of free and paid templates. It is recommended to start with the template to understand how the different elements of the page are created. I also recommend watching this short video on the structure of Elementor.
Build the template perfectly.

You can create any full square page in Element by changing section> layout and stretch section to yes. Watch a video that shows how to do this.

Understand the structure of the teacher

Each element page is made up of sections, columns and widgets. Divide the sheets into horizontal rows. The columns divide each section into vertical columns, and the widgets in the column are dropped and released.

Add a widget

Let’s try adding a new widget to a page. Delete one of the template widgets that you have inserted by clicking the widget and then clicking the X icon. Then, on the right side, search for the Widget button and drag it to the empty space where you just deleted the widget.

Change the background image

Click on a section. This will open the section settings in the left panel. Go to the “Size” middle tab and click on the background image. Now, select another image and press “Insert Media”. Watch a video that shows how to do this

Change the font

Navigate to the title widget on the page and click on it. Opens the title settings in the right panel. Go to the “Stall” middle tab and turn on “Typography”. Now, in the “Family” section, you can search for different fonts and select different font families.

For a more accurate 30 minute video, check out this Elementor + WordPress tutorial that we created a while ago.

Within the subject of hope
What makes Hello Theme a choice for page builders is that in addition to speed and, of course, ruthlessness, you get six useful built-in templates:

Default pattern: This is the original pattern, with a sidebar on the right

Full Expansion Page: Use this template when you don’t want the sidebar to appear and you choose to have content up to 100% wide.

Left Side Bar Screen: Change the sidebar position when you need to

Blank Page Builder: This is great for landing page pages because you get a blank canvas, no header, and no footer. Design the whole page with a page builder

Page Builder Box: This is a very useful template, as it removes the page title and all related unnecessary spaces.

Full Page Builder Width: This is similar to the Page Builder box builder theme, but the content reaches the full square of the screen.

Free Element Page Builder is a great addition to the Hello theme and adds a long list of design features that make for an amazing web designer workflow. It allows you to design a website faster than ever before. These features include:

  • Mobile modification to design face view so that it is 100% mobile responsive
  • Pre-designed templates that allow you to quickly create a beautiful template
  • One page click design and null93 supported.
  • Effects like box shadows and animations to make faces more interesting
  • A template library for storing your designed pages for reuse and export.
  • Dozens of useful widgets like definitions and counters
  • Live layout control for on-screen layout control
  • This is just part of Iceberg, and you can learn more about Elementors widgets, features, and capabilities in over
  • 50 videos we’ve already posted on our YouTube channel and much more forums.

The result
WordPress users are aware that there is a high probability of using a free startup theme like Hello Theme and a free page builder like Element. You can design a website easily and quickly without spending a lot of coding time. Using this theme and plugin is a combination of the open-source spirit that made WordPress the number one CMS in the world.

I hope this combination will be useful for you when creating your site. I invite you to download Element and Hello theme for free and start experimenting by building your own beautiful website.

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