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How to create online live fitness classes?

Statista revealed, ‘’By 2024, this industry is estimated to be worth approximately 96.6 billion U.S. dollars.’’ Online fitness platform is booming today, especially with its access online. What was viewed as a mere physical space is now driving revenue with each online class. 

If you’re looking to set up or enhance online live fitness classes, you need to ditch the vast online ideas and use the top 8 tips we’ve listed on this blog.  These tips will help your online live fitness classes drive better revenue, sell better, and enhance the fitness quality videos you offer. 

Live Streaming Workouts or Pre-Recorded Workouts: Which Is Better?

Once you get your platform started, you need to make two choices. How do you wish your content to be viewed, live streaming or pre-recorded? Based on this choice, you can plan your content type and how you wish to generate your revenue. 

So which of the two is better for your online fitness platform?

  • It is better to choose live fitness streaming services when you want to engage with your users via real-time when you don’t bother about edits and wish to post videos the same when you work as per a schedule and post your fitness video this way. 
  • It is better to choose pre-recorded videos when you want users to access them at their convenience, if you’re looking to scale faster from your online fitness class and when you wish to create shorter content where edits are required before publishing on the platform. 

8 Simple Ways To Create An Online Live Fitness Classes In 2022

To create a successful online fitness platform, there are specific criteria that need to be met.  After researching multiple aspects, 8 such tips will help yield better results. 

1. Create a plan for your fitness class style

You need first to decide what type of fitness videos you would offer. These could differ based on your expertise.  Would you prefer providing training videos in multiple categories and offering nutritional advice? Based on this choice, will you be able to create the right form of content and get everything aligned to drive revenue from it. 

2. Invest in a VOD platform

Creating a fitness streaming platform from scratch is time-consuming. It is better to invest in a VOD platform that can offer you more than just building a platform.  For instance, giving you a white-label platform, offering multiple monetization models, transcoding, etc. 

3. Customize everything

The number one key to enhancing your online fitness platform is to customize it to make it unique from the competitors. The best way to stand out is to play with your platform and incorporate customization options such as where you wish the logo to be placed, the choice of features to be added, etc. Instead of using a competitor’s format, stay unique by incorporating your platform style. 

4. Choose a suitable business model

The next big step is to choose the right monetization model. While there are multiple choices, choose the one that fits your business. For instance, having a pay-per-view model or a subscription-based model will work better for fitness videos. With pay-per-view, users will pay a fee to access each of your videos. On the other hand, with a subscription, users will pay a fee to access your content library

5. Choose your video setups

As we discussed above, you need to choose how you wish to exhibit your videos. Will your platform opt for live streaming or pre-recorded videos? This process will make it easier to decide based on your content type. 

6. Enhance your video player

Your video player shouldn’t just do the job of just exhibiting videos. Let your video player conduct multiple actions such as show subtitles, the ability to cast it on tv, etc. Make money in fitness industry convenient to cater to your user’s interests.

7. Invest in security solutions

The online world isn’t safe, and with every action, there needs to be reasonable security holding it. Instead of investing in multiple security solutions, a VOD platform offers you the right kind of security you need. To name a few are AES encryption, Geo-blocking, screenshot prevention, etc. 

8. Start the promotion

Once you complete setting up your online live fitness classes, it’s time to promote the same. Use social media, ad campaigns, and more to spread the word. 


Online fitness has become a priority for multiple users today. The fact that they can easily access fitness videos without stepping away will better draw their attention to your platform. Thus it is important to create a reliable fitness streaming platform with the help of mindful experts in the same industry. These experts offer tons of features and assistance required to enhance your online fitness platform better than your competitors. So, when do you plan to get started?


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