How to do a hotel management course after 12th

Is it good to do a hotel management course after 12th? How to do a hotel management course after 12th? How can I get a job by doing a hotel management course after 12th? It is natural for the students who think of making a career in the field of hotel management course  after 12th, such questions come to their mind.

In today’s time, the tourism industry is developing rapidly, and in this the number of hotels and restaurants is increasing, due to which the need for professionals in this field is increasing. Today youth can pursue a good career in Hotel Management. Today here in this article we will talk about hotel management courses only.

From 12th onwards, every student starts worrying about their career, and in this hotel management has emerged as a good field at present. Here we will know what is hotel management, how can we do a hotel management course after 12th?, how to make a career after this, eligibility for hotel management course etc.

How to do a hotel management course after 12th

What is Hotel Management?

  • Hotel management course helps the student to cover all aspects of hotel or hospitality service like sales and marketing, food and beverage, front office, food production, accounting, housekeeping and many kitchen skills.
  • A hotel management company serves the needs of its customers.
  • In hotel management, you can take a lot of courses that give you all the information you need to be successful in making a career in this field.
  • Many government and private colleges in India offer degree and diploma courses in hotel management, today this course has become an attractive and exciting course for many students.


Courses for Hotel Management after 12th:

Hotel Management Course

After completing 12th, students who want to go into hotel management can do many courses, there are many management courses, which students can choose after 12th.

1. Bachelor Of Hotel Management (BHM)

In the Bachelor of Hotel Management course, students pursue a three year management course after they have completed their 12th grade.

Basically, in this course, things related to managing the hotel are told, such as how the customer has to provide service in the hotel etc.

In the course, you are first taught about serving food, serving wine, how to talk to someone (proper communication), and how to handle a customer.


2. Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration is also a management course of 3 years duration. This course is also related to hotel management and can be done after 12th.

Basically in this course it is told how a company is managed / handled, and how to deal with the customer.


3. Bachelor of Hotel Management And Catering Technology (BHMCT)

Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology is also a management courses, which is a 3-year course. As the name suggests, in this course, catering is taught at the main gate, that is, cooking and chef can also be done by the students after 12th pass. The work of cooking, ie chef’s training and catering management is very important in hotel management.


4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Many students know about the MBA course for the field of management. Hotel management is also associated with business administration, so a course like MBA is best for a good job in this field. To do MBA, a candidate must first have a bachelor’s degree in this field. MBA students can easily get a job in Hotel Management.

How to do a hotel management course after 12th

Upcoming positions in Hotel Management:

In today’s time, a good career can be made in Hotel Management. If you get a job in a good position, then your salary goes up to lakhs of rupees.

There are many positions in hotel management on which candidates can take a job. These posts include Restaurant/Hotel Manager, Reservation Manager, Sales and Marketing Executive, Front Office Receptionist, Front Office Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Department Manager, Assistant Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Front Office Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Manager. Names like Banquet etc.

Your salary is fixed according to the post, and with the increase in experience, it also increases.


How to enroll in hotel management course after 12th

  • You can take admission for a hotel management course by filling the application form of a particular college or by appearing in the national level entrance exam conducted for it.
  • Many universities also conduct their own entrance exam for admission to hotel management courses, you can select the university of your choice and track their admission process by regularly visiting their official portal.
  • For all the information related to the admission process, students should keep knowing about the university.


Qualification for courses:

  • To To study hospitality management at a degree or diploma level, students must complete a 12th grade education. For post-graduate courses, students must be graduates of a hotel management program from a recognized university.
  • This applicant should be capable of handling controversies and criticisms patiently, as well as cooperative and courteous toward the guest.
  • Different colleges have their own criterias for admission, but you must have at least 50% marks in 10th and 12th.
  • In Hotel management courses can be done through various levels of education, including diploma, graduate, and postgraduate courses.

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