How to draw a lemon

How to draw a lemon

How to draw a lemon

Draw a great lemon with simple drawing instructions and step by step and a tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! Lemons are famous tropical citrus, with which lemonade, cakes, and taste drinks like tea are made. You are known for your acid taste. Lemons have been cultivated and used by people for over 1,000 years. Did you know? Citrus sections such as lemons and oranges are called “supers” when separated and removed from my coat and membrane. In some languages ​​like Spanish, the same word is used for lemons and lime. The two fruits only differ in their colors – the Amarillo lemon or the yellow lemons and the lemon Verde or the green lemons.

Lemons have occurred in paintings and other works of art for centuries, especially in a quiet life alongside other types of fruit. Lemons can be seen in modern art designs used for clothing, accessories, home culture, and school equipment. The range of popular shopkins toys also has several lemon theme characters, including Pippa Lemon and Sour Lemon.

Do you want to draw a cut lemon? This simple and step-by-step tutorial is there to show you how. Everything you need is a pencil, a pen or a marker and a sheet of paper. You can also color your drawing with brands, colored pencils, or colored pins.

Drawing a Lemon

Step 1:

First, pull a diagonal oval. It forms the circle in the cut lemon.

Step 2:

Draw a long curved line, starting on one side of the lemon that rolls below and connecting to the opposite side. It forms the outer shell of the cut lemon.

Step 3:

Draw an irregular shape behind the lemon. Draw a curved line from lemon cut up, connect a short line, and then use a long curved line to lock the rest of the shape. Add a very short line for the depth and details to the prediction caused by the connection of the lines. It forms a second uncorrupted lemon, the small line representing the area in which a rod can fix the lemon to the tree.

Step 4:

Draw two leaves under the lemons. Start extending a few curved lines from the giant lemon and in Reunion at one point. Then develop another set of lines, one of the lemon and one of the previous sheet. Let them meet at some point. Draw a line in the middle of each individual to display the veins of the leaves. Then develop more short lines – more veins – central veins at the edges of the leaves.

Step 5:

Draw two leaves that extend under the lemons on the opposite side. Use two lines of lines so that everyone can meet at one point. Let a line extend from the other sheet, which gives the appearance of overlap. Then use curved lines to draw veins on each sheet.

Step 6:

Start shaping the segments of cut fruit. Draw triangles closely attached to the oval. The line parallel to the oval must be rounded like the corners.

Step 7:

Fruits with rounded floors and corners.

Step 8:

Draw segments of lemon cut with triangles with rounded floors and corners.

Step 9:

How to draw a lemon

Complete the fruit segments circuit with triangles with rounded corners.

Step 10:

How to draw a lemon

Color your lemon. Most lemons are in light yellow. Alternatively, you can transform it into lime by coloring it green.

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