How to Lay Artificial Grass in Your Garden

Unless you are a professional gardener, you probably have no idea how to lay Home Artificial Grass Installation in your garden. First, you should determine the size of the lawn area. Type 1 stone, gravel, crushed rock, and decomposed granite are all suitable base materials in mild climates. A base material with three to four inches will improve drainage and prevent slumping. The sub-base should also be firm and absorb surface water quickly, so choose a product with a firm sub-base.

Next, measure your garden area. Make sure you have at least 40mm of space between adjacent rolls. Ideally, you want to use grass underlay, but you can also use stone. Ensure that you lay the artificial grass on top of a weed membrane to prevent weeds. Then, you can start home artificial grass installation base material on top. Once you have the base material laid down, you can begin to walk on it and enjoy your newly-splurged lawn!

Home Artificial Grass Installation

Once you’ve decided to use artificial grass, it’s time to lay it down. You can start by excavating around the perimeter of your garden, leaving some space for ponds or picnic tables. If your garden is larger, you can also lay home artificial grass installation in areas where the soil is thin. After you’ve done this, you can then start spreading the grass on the other sides.

Home Artificial Grass Installation

Before laying down the home artificial grass, you should remove the existing turf. If you can’t do this yourself, you can rent a sod-cutting machine for ¬£100/day. After removing the old turf, you can prepare the ground for your new turf. You should spread at least one-half inches of builder’s sand on the area. Using a landscaping rake, spread the sand evenly. Then, compact the sand with a rubber hammer or a 2×2 piece of plywood.

Prepare Home Artificial Grass Installation

Before your home artificial grass installation, prepare the soil. Dig out the soil in a three to four-inch depth. Place the artificial grass on the ground using a wheelbarrow or a large flat piece of wood to flatten it. Add weed prevention. Apply it with a glue gun. Ensure that the glue adheres to the soil. Then, you are ready to lay the artificial grass.

After preparing the ground, home artificial grass installation on top of the existing turf. After the base has been prepared, dig the ground and install the artificial grass. If you plan to use it for a picnic table, you should remove the old turf. This step is critical because the grass must be level for the new grass to work properly. If it’s uneven, you should fill the hole with gravel.

Before home artificial grass installation London, you need to dig out the existing turf. If you are not confident, hire a professional sod-cutting machine. Then, place the artificial grass on top of the dirt, which you have already flattened with a wheelbarrow. You’ll need to level the soil to ensure that the weeds won’t grow. Afterwards, spread the soil with 1-1/2 inches of the builder’s sand and compact it with a landscaping rake or a large piece of wood.

Home Artificial Grass Installation


After laying the artificial grass, you must lay a weed barrier on the surface to prevent weeds from growing through the grass. Afterwards, it would help to use a landscaping knife to cut the weed barrier and secure it with landscaping staples. Once the turf is laid, measure it with a tape measure. It’s best to repeat this process a few times to accurately gauge the exact amount of grass you need to lay.

Before home artificial grass installation, you must prepare the area where you will install it. Then, make sure that the area is free of debris. Before laying the artificial grass, move the garden furniture and brush the ground with a brush. Before laying the artificial grass, you should ensure that the area is clean and level. Afterwards, you need to remove the turf. If you are using a self-leveling compound, you should add a second layer of granite chips.

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