A single glance at your first meeting after matchmaking may leave a lasting impression on someone; now, it’s up to you to determine whether you want to make a favorable or bad impression. With each interaction, you meet new individuals who may form impressions based on a variety of factors; nevertheless, by following these guidelines, you may guarantee that your first meeting leaves a pleasant lasting impression. Take a look at these helpful hints!

Be punctual

Someone you’re meeting for the first time isn’t going to care about your excuses for being late. Make sure that you are allowing the time for traffic delays.  Being early is preferable to arriving late, and it is the first step in making a positive first impression. If your first encounter is virtual, make sure your technology and internet connection are up to date and consider your soundscape and surroundings.


Be Yourself

Leaving a positive impression involves presenting oneself in the best light possible; yet, this does not imply losing yourself or trying to be someone you are not. Being your genuine self is the greatest approach to making a good first impression. This will increase your self-assurance, help you create trust, and win respect and integrity of those you encounter. Show the true side of yourself to whomever you are meeting, and let them know who you are; don’t fake yourself just to grab their good impressions.


Be Confident

Demeanor may often speak louder than words when it comes to generating a strong first impression. Use your body language to convey appropriate self-assurance and comfort. All of these will help you exude confidence and make the other person feel more comfortable as well. When meeting someone for the first time, almost everyone feels apprehensive, and that’s absolutely natural. But don’t get uptight; instead, unwind!


Stay Positive

Everything you do reflects your optimistic attitude. Therefore, possess a positive demeanor, even when confronted with judgment or uneasiness.  Keep an enthusiastic demeanor and smile to indicate that you are approachable! Find out positivity in the things that you are looking towards, and you are good to go!

Maintain Eye Contact

When you first encounter someone after online matchmaking, maintaining eye contact sends all the right signals: it indicates you’re engaged in what they’re saying, it gives confidence, and it may help you establish a relationship. To keep good eye contact with someone, make sure you’re gazing at them in the eyes, blinking normally, and responding to what they say. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is the type of people you are encountering. Know that there are several parts of Asia and Africa where eye contact is known as disrespectful; therefore, be sure that you are well informed about the background of the people you are meeting and that you know everything about their interests.

Facial Expressions

When meeting someone for the first time, facial expressions are significant. Smiling not only makes you more appealing, but it might also make your encounters more remembered. The socially favorable cues such as smiling might help people remember things better. As a result, flashing your pearly teeth at meetups might help you make longer-lasting impressions that fall in your favor.


The handshake is an essential part of meeting protocols and is used as a common greeting all around the world. A bad handshake can make or break a first impression — too firm, and you’ll come off as excessively pushy, too feeble.  When meeting new people, strive to strike a balance between grasping their hands and giving them a weak handshake. If someone has a solid grip on your hand, replicate this in your handshake. If someone takes your hand with a weak hold, soften your grip, so you don’t crush it.

To summarize, having a good first impression is essential for almost all of us, but it isn’t as difficult as many people believe. Grinning, shaking hands firmly, and keeping eye contact may all go a long way toward impressing folks you meet. If you are also a Muslim single in Canada, have just gone through online matchmaking, and are all set for your first meetup, then concentrating on these minor nuances can help you endear yourself to others in several situations and ensure that you are constantly putting your best foot forward. By keeping all of these tips in your mind, you are all good to leave an impression that is both lasting and desirable! Till then, good luck with your first meetups!



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