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How to Manage Outlook Mailbox Size? | Complete Guide

Postingchannel | Do you receive a mailbox size exceeding message in Outlook? Are you seeking some problem and the performance is corrupt because of the size issue? And want to manage Outlook Mailbox size in a well organized manner? Then, you must go with this entire blog and get a reliable way to resolve the issue.

So Outlook users provide a certain file size limit for the benefits of users like Outlook 2007 20GB and Outlook 2019 gives 50GB. But with today’s machine world speed, this space is sometimes not enough for users.

Therefore, there are multiple reasons to reduce Microsoft Outlook mailbox size. After considering most of the user’s problems we have the best solutions that help you to resolve the issue so the Outlook mailbox size limit is exceeded. Before going towards the solutions let us first see the reasons behind this.

Why do Users Need to Reduce Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Size?

There are multiple reasons behind why users need to increase the Outlook Mailbox size. Follow the steps listed below:-

    • The other reason is that there are a large number of attachments.
    • There are many duplicate items in Outlook mailbox.
    • There are a huge number of large PST files.
    • If users are using the old version of Outlook.

Below we have mentioned some users queries:-

“Hi, I am John and I am working as a Manager in a multinational company. I have to manage my appointments daily. And for the last 3years I have been using the Outlook application. But, when I opened Outlook it displayed a message saying that you have to exceed the size limit of your Outlook mailbox.”

“My Outlook mailbox is still full after deleting everything. This provides stress as I am unaware of the correct process to manage the Outlook mailbox size. My data is very important to my company. So, please suggest to me the best and instant solution to solve my issue and get me out of the stressful situation.”

However, users are using MS Outlook for a very long time, but this is the most common issue for the same. And for those users who don’t know the reasons behind it. So basically, this error occurs when Outlook exceeds its existing storage limits.

Therefore, to inform users about Outlook to display this error message. And they want the solution to increase Outlook mailbox size. As a result, the performance that affects its uses a lot.

Now, we have discussed the reasons and the users’ query also. But, now the question occurs is how to manage Outlook mailbox size in a simple and easy way. In the next section, we are providing you with secure and short solutions to make your task easier. To know the solution for the same stay with us at the end of this article.

Different Methods to Increase Outlook Mailbox Size

There are 3 different types of methods to manage Outlook mailbox size. Follow the listed steps to know more:-

  • By using Outlook Import-export Wizard
  • Outlook Archive Option
  • Software to Manage Exceeded Mailbox Size

Method 1: Manage Outlook Mailbox Size using Outlook Import/Export Wizard

  • First, Start the MS Outlook application.
  • Now, go to the Import/Export. A dialogue box on the screen import and export wizard.
  • Import and Export wizard provides multiple options. Then, choose Export to a file and click on Next Button.
  • Tap the browse button and select the desired location where you want to save PST files at your location.
  • At last, click on the Finish Button.

Method 2: Use the Outlook Archive Option

  • Open the MS Outlook application on your PC.
  • Then, click on a File Tab.
  • Now, Tab on Archive Option.
  • Choose the Archive this folder and all subfolder options.
  • Press the browse option to save your archive PST files.
  • Finally, click on the OK button.

Method 3:- Automated Solution to Increase Outlook Mailbox Size

The manual method is unable to provide the direct option to crop the size of the PST file. Then, use the Break PST into Smaller Files software to get the instant solution to manage Outlook mailbox size. This utility doesn’t need to install Outlook in your system.

And, it can easily split files without Outlook in a very safe and secure manner. Through which users use this method in a very simple and easy to use way because of its user interface.

This software supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file formats. And, also support all the versions of Outlook.

Software Working Steps to Reduce Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Size

Follow the working process explained below to manage your Outlook mailbox size without any hassle. Use step by step don’t miss a single step otherwise you have started the process again from the beginning. Let’s take a look:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your system. Click on the Add file and select PST file from the system and then, click on the Open Button.
  2. Then, click on the browse button and choose your location to save the resultant files.
  3. Now, click on the Options, here software offers you with multiple options. From there own choose split by size.
  4. You can also provide the destination size.
  5. Finally, click on the Next button to start the process.

Software Features to Manage Outlook Mailbox Size

  • The tool provides multiple splitting options like split by year, date, folder, category, and size.
  • It allows users to add a single or multiple file/folder(s).
  • It gives options to break the PST file by size 1MB to 1TB.
  • There is no need to install the MS Outlook while using Split PST software.
  • Therefore, the tool also supports all editions of MS Outlook.

The Verge

In this article, we explained the complete solution to manage Outlook mailbox size using two methods. Manual and Automated solution for your query and using the manual method user face multiple issues to perform the task. But, on the other hand, automated solutions help you to increase the Outlook mailbox size. Through which users can easily and quickly complete the process without facing any issue. So, check the above blog for more about the software.

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