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How to redo a car key with and without a duplicate?

To start your car’s engine, you usually need the ignition key. Therefore, this key is essential if you want to drive, whether to go to work, do your shopping, or even leave with your family for the weekend. You’ll have to get a new car key if you lose yours. This reproduction can go more or less quickly, but it will depend on a certain number of elements, particularly whether or not you have a duplicate of the keys.

Redo a key when you have a duplicate key

Key duplication will be easy if your car key is lost and you still have the second key, especially if your car is old. In this case, all you have to do is go to a locksmith and make a duplicate of your simple key. You will, of course, need to bring the vehicle registration document to certify that this vehicle is yours. You will get your new key in minutes.

For car keys equipped with a transponder

To obtain a duplicate key, the task promises to be slightly more difficult. You will need to go to a specialized locksmith to have your car key redone if it is equipped with a first generation transponder. In addition to the gray card, you will also need the identification number of your

Duplicate your car key, and it will be even different if you have the latest generation key equipped with a crypto transponder. This time you will have to go to a car dealership. In both cases, the duplication is fast, thanks to the key in your possession since it will be easier for them to program another ignition and door opener with the original key.

Why make a duplicate key when you already have one?

Having a car key redone when you already have one may seem like a waste of time and also pointless. But having a spare key can always be useful to you, especially if you lose your key, someone steals it from you, or even in winter, when your door lock has frozen due to the cold and you no longer have your electronic key but just your simple key (personal experience ^^)… In addition, the procedures are more complicated if you do not have a second key on hand in the event of a problem.

Redo car keys without a duplicate key

In the event of lost or stolen keys, you must first go to the police station nearest to you in order to make a declaration of loss or theft. You will then receive a certificate of loss or burglary, which will be useful for rekeying your car. It will also be useful if your car is stolen without breaking and entering. Likewise, you must inform your auto insurance company of your situation.

What about your car?

Without the vehicle keys, it will be difficult for you to unlock the door in order to access it and bring it back to a car locksmith or a dealership. However, it is possible that when you took out your insurance, you opted for an assistance guarantee. Depending on the options chosen, this guarantee allows you to repair your vehicle in the event of the loss of keys. You can then ask the mechanic to tow it where you want to redo your key.

Where to redo a car key?

The location differs whether or not you have a spare key in your possession. To obtain a new key, you will have no choice but to go to a car dealership to obtain it. You must present your registration certificate, which certifies that you are the vehicle’s owner. You will then have to wait for a certain time before receiving your new key (count up to 15 days to receive it).

PS: Some specialized locksmiths will be able to provide you with a new key, but they will not be able to do it for all car brands. It depends on the car manufacturers. It may be that a craftsman who makes, sells, or installs locks will be able to make a key for Dacia, Ford, or Kia cars.

What does it cost to duplicate a car key?

The price varies according to the vehicles but also the locksmiths and car dealerships, from several tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. All at your expense because no insurance company covers lost car keys. Therefore, the easiest way is to always make a copy of your car key so you will always have one if ever something happens to you (key duplication being quite simple as well).

You also have the possibility of buying a connected key fob in order to find your key if you ever lose it. In this case, you can find the vehicle key with an application installed on your smartphone.

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