How to Sketch Cartoon Creatures

How to Sketch Cartoon Creatures

Who accomplishes value cartoons? Multiple great cartoon qualities keep young and old alike entertained, and there are characters for all tastes and age groups. Animals are a common source of inspiration for cartoon characters, and learning to sketch cartoon creatures can be a fun way to create your own! We’ll show you how to make your trio of cute cartoon animals in the tutorial in front of you! As lengthy as you follow our efforts, you will witness how entertaining and relaxing it can be. This, we can start this fun step-by-step guide on drawing cartoon animals in just six easy steps! Cartoon drawing easy

How to Sketch Cartoon Animals – Let’s Get Begun

Step 1

We will create three adorable little animals for this cartoon animal drawing! These will include a giraffe, chipmunk, and an adorable raccoon. In this first step of the guide, we’ll start with the chipmunk. To start this little critter, we’ll start with the outline of the head. This will be drawn using smaller curved and jagged lines. These will make the outline of the head hairier and help make this chipmunk even cuter! Once you’ve completed this plan, we can move on to step two to add a few more details.

Step 2 – Pull some facial characteristics for the chipmunk.

With the outline of the head down, we can now start adding facial attributes for this pretty chipmunk in this step of our focus on drawing cartoon creatures. First, draw small ovals for the eye area. These will also have some minor details, such as eyebrows above and around them, to give the chipmunk even more personality. Next, draw a big nose under the eyes, and then extend a few curved lines from the center of the base of the nose. These will form the chipmunk’s smiling mouth, and you can end this area with sharp teeth sticking out. Next, draw the top of the tassel that it will hold.

Step 3: Now, draw the body of this chipmunk.

Now you are ready to finish this cute chipmunk before adding more creatures for this cartoon animal drawing. To do this, we will draw the body of the chipmunk that you have been working on. First, draw a few small circles inside the outlines of the eyes. You can then draw her little arms while holding the acorn, and you can also finish that acorn while you’re at it! The body will be drawn using curved lines, and the legs will be short and rounded with tiny round toes at the ends. Finally, add a bit of pointy tail behind his back, and you are ready for step 4!

Step 4: Draw the next animal.

You’ve taken the hit now! We will add the following animals for the next steps in this guide on drawing cartoon animals. You saw in the previous steps how you could build the different details to form the entire creature, so we’re going to cover the remaining two animals in a little more minor detail. First, outline the raccoon’s head. This one will also be drawn using curved lines to make it softer but more comprehensive on the sides. You can then draw facial elements such as watches, nose, and mouth as they appear in the reference image. Finish by drawing her little arms, and then we can add some final details in the next step.

Step 5: Now, add the last details of this animal drawing.

This fifth step of the tutorial will allow you to finish the raccoon while adding the final animal. First, use rounded lines for the raccoon’s body and draw its tiny paws and feet to complete the pose. Then we resolve to count the cost of the small giraffe that protrudes from behind the other two animals. Again, you can use what you learned in the previous guide steps to draw this giraffe head. This means starting with the outlines and then adding facial details and spots to finish it. Once the three animals are drawn, you can add your additional details! These can include other animals of your design or a fun background for these animals.

Step 6: Finish your drawing of cartoon animals with color.

When coloring this cartoon animal drawing, we used a different color scheme for each animal. It makes them look more like their real-life counterparts, making for a more exciting picture to watch. We used light browns and yellows for the chipmunk’s fur and belly. We also used different shades of brown for the pomp it contains. Then we used a combination of light gray and dark gray for the raccoon, and we left its belly white. We then finished the giraffe with beige and light yellow colors. These exist the shades we have selected, but you should feel free to use any other color choice you may have!

Your cartoon animal drawing is finished!

We hope you enjoyed creating a cute trio with this guide on drawing cartoon animals! We desired to create the method fun in this direction while showing you how to recreate other cute animals by breaking them down into small steps. Then, when you have completed this guide, you will be able to create your unique images. You can do this by adding details, drawing funny backgrounds, or even designing your cartoon animals. How will you show your creativity with what you have learned in this guide? If you enjoyed browsing this guide, you’d be happy to know that we have a lot more to love about our website! We have tons of excellent drawing guides and other fun artwork for you to enjoy, so be sure to visit us frequently, so you don’t miss a thing. When your cartoon animal sketch is ruined and colorful, we would love to carry a watch! You can share your painting on our Facebook and Interest carriers so that we can see when it’s completed.

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