How to Use Display Boxes in Retail Stores

One of the best ways to attract consumers is to use display boxes. These colorful boxes are typically placed on supermarket shelves and in other stores. The bright colors attract customers and may encourage impulse buying. To ensure the success of these boxes, you should use relevant and interesting information, as well as inviting promos, while taking up minimal space. Read on for some helpful tips for creating an attractive display box for your product. Here are three examples of great ways to use display boxes in retail stores:

Custom Printed Display Boxes – These are ideal for products that are not widely available in the market. Custom printed boxes are eye-catching and feature PMS and CMYK color combinations. The box’s lid also provides ample space for branding your logo and company details. By combining both of these features, custom printed boxes are the perfect solution for making a product stand out in a crowd. They can be used to promote a new product, a brand, or even a new concept.

Custom-made Display Boxes — Custom-made boxes can be created from cardstock or heavier cardboard. The thickness and material of the box depend on the type of products you want to showcase. Cardboard boxes are usually 300-400gsm, while thicker cardboard is ideal for heavier products. The thickness of the box also depends on the mode of distribution and the fragility of the products. If you’re looking for a creative display box for your product, consider a custom design and opt for a professional company.

Power wings: These are sidekicks or attachments to the main shelves. They should be placed at eye level to encourage impulse buying. Power wings are also a great option for displaying items at eye level. Endcaps are typically placed at the end of aisles. These boxes are a great way to display multiple products and add more attention to your items. Choose a touch and feel option for these boxes. So you can easily showcase the best products at the store!

Floor Displays – These are freestanding display boxes that extend further than countertop displays. These displays are commonly used in large retail stores and supermarkets, and they are more durable than other types of display boxes. They are made from multiple layers of corrugated cardboard, which make them more sturdy than other types of display boxes. They look nice, too, which is another reason to choose these boxes for your store. And the best part is they are affordable, too!

Display Boxes protect your collectibles from dust and other harmful elements. Fingerprints, cleaning supplies, and dust can all damage your collectibles. With display boxes, you can save time and money by avoiding daily cleaning. A microfiber cloth and acrylic cleaner can help keep your collection clean. When choosing a display box, keep in mind the following tips. If your collectibles do not come with display boxes, you should use another type of box that protects them.

Countertop Display Boxes – These are also useful for small-ticket impulse purchases at the checkout. They can be used as a counter display for many products. While they look attractive, they may also make people avoid your product altogether. When they feel that their purchase isn’t worth the effort, they may look elsewhere. So, when choosing counter display boxes, make sure you use the correct size and style. You will definitely notice a noticeable increase in sales!

Acrylic Display Cases – These are also a good option for housing small items. If you have valuable merchandise, opt for a display case made of acrylic material. They can double up as window showcases. Another option is to centralize them inside your storage space. This way, your customers can see your products from any direction without having to spend extra time looking for them. You will get a lot more out of your Custom Boxes Packaging by using this option.

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