How Would You Get Your Business Started with Email Marketing?

Want to get started with email marketing? Well! you arrived at the right space.

In today’s competitive environment, email marketing is much more successful than ever. According to Hubspot, 99 percent of customers read their emails daily, and it is by far the most popular method of receiving brand information.

We consistently remind our customers at Brave x Collaborative that they would need an email marketing plan. It may benefit your business in a variety of ways, including the ability to develop personalized content for your customers, collect feedback and surveys, improve sales, communicate with the target audience, generate traffic to the website, increase leads, and, of course, maintain your contact list.

Starting an email marketing campaign from scratch might be a daunting undertaking, but our staff is here to assist you.

1. Select a Service Provider for Email Marketing

If you’re serious about getting started with an email marketing strategy, you’ll need an email marketing service provider. You may create automated processes to deliver daily newsletters for your friends and followers in this manner.

You may also use their email campaigns and analytics resources to help you build your business. Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Privy, and Klaviyo are among our preferred email marketing services.

2. Make a list of people to add to your email marketing list

A website or a homepage is the ideal method to achieve this. Installing an email pop-up & embedding a form into your site is normally what we propose. So, you’ll use some form of motivation to do so. Unless you’re a well-known business, asking people to “join the VIP list” isn’t starting to operate anymore.

There seem to be a variety of techniques to get clients to join an email marketing list. For starters, if you’re an e-commerce business, you may give your consumers a discount during their first purchase, whether that’s 10% or 15%. If customers enjoy your items throughout your visit to your webpage, they are likely to join up.

Furthermore, when you run as a service-based company, it’s a good idea to give away any complementary knowledge. This might be a downloadable PDF with educational instructions that can only be viewed upon entering a valid email address. If you’re a real estate broker, for instance, you might provide advice on how to be prepared to sell a brand-new property. Alternatively, when you’re a marketing firm, you may inform your audience about the top five marketing trends to pay attention to. The possibilities are infinite!

Another point we constantly tell our consumers is that they should never buy a mailing list. Developing & cultivating connections is at the heart of online marketing.

What’s the sense of maintaining an email list full of people who’ve never shown any brand awareness? We usually advise against wasting time or energy on these unidentified lists.

3. Create an email to welcome new subscribers

It’s preferable to establish automation that is your greeting message, once you’ve established the pop-up, embed the form, and/or landing page.

It’s always a good idea to follow this up after someone joins up since this is your initial impression. If anybody signs up for an email with the above-mentioned reward, they are likely to demand it, whether that is a free PDF manual or a discount code.

Begin the welcome email by gently thanking the new customer, then provide the reward, and conclude with some paragraphs on your business & a call-to-action. Furthermore, make sure your email is consistent with your company, using the appropriate colors and emblem.

4. Create an email template

Don’t worry if you’re not a designer. Most email marketing services offer a variety of themes to pick from, as well as frictional pressure functionality.

It’s critical to have a tidy, attractive layout that gets your point out quickly while developing your template. On cell phones, people tend to scroll rapidly, so make sure your layout is well optimized to all devices and appealing.

And, as previously said, it is critical to maintain your email consistent with your brand. Employ your company’s logos and colors so that your visitors may get a sense of how your brand appears and become accustomed to doing it every time an email arrives. The importance of continuity cannot be overstated.

5. Master the Art of Writing Marketing Communications & convincing messages

For many people, it is a difficult undertaking, however with practice, it may become simple! When composing an email; remember to keep it light-hearted, concise & to the point.

We propose beginning with a title and explaining what you’re selling, then explaining how well this service or product will benefit your client, plus concluding with just a call to action. This strategy might assist you in creating effective email newsletters.

6. It’s All About The Subject Lines!

The subject line of your email is equally as crucial as, if not more important than, the substance of the email. The subject line, not the email itself, is the first thing your reader will see. As a result, you’ll want a catchy, short, and engaging subject line that will pique your audience’s interest and encourage them to open the email and read more.

The very last idea you need is to put a lot of effort into an email just to find out that no one reads it. We usually advocate grabbing people’s attention with a fascinating question, a tight timeframe, or an intriguing announcement.

7. Always double-check your email before sending it

While proofreading is beneficial, we always recommend sending out a test email to yourself before sending that to your list. You never know wherever there might be issues, whether that’s image orientation or writing that looks strange on a smartphone.

With emails, there is no “back” option, therefore spend the additional time to send a test email!

8. Determine the optimum time for you to deliver your email

Once it comes to processing emails or sending them out, always make sure they arrive at the ideal moment. You would not want to email late at night, while your email lists could be asleep, and you certainly don’t want to publish it on Monday morning. In which some of the people on your list may be getting ready for work.

Doing numerous testing and sending newsletters at different times is the best strategy to figure out appropriate timings for delivering your email. Therefrom, you’ll start to figure out when the optimum times are. Furthermore, Hubspot does an excellent job of describing how to determine the optimal times to send an email campaign.

9. Keep track of your progress

Lastly, keep an eye on the figures! Each decent email marketing solution lets you monitor your response rates, tap rate, and unsubscribe rate, among other metrics. With all these figures, it’s critical to work on improving through time.

It’s usually a good idea to go over your email reports once you’ve sent out newsletters to provide valuable info.

Check which links were viewed to get a better idea of which material was by far the most effective.

These are the kinds of analytics that can assist you in improving your brand awareness.

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