Incredible Things to Do in Munnar for the Most Memorable Honeymoon Trip to Kerala

Munnar is a heavenly jewel in Kerala and a must-visit honeymoon destination. This popular honeymoon destination is endowed with a wealth of beautiful natural features. There are lots of romantic things to do at Munnar because of the puffy clouds perched on the hilltops, the lush greenery, the tea plantations, and the bubbling waterfall. You can opt for Munnar honeymoon Packages for the most memorable honeymoon trip to Kerala. Any of the attractions could provide you with an amazing experience. There are many things to do in Munnar, from taking in the panoramic views from a hilltop to relaxing by the gushing water. The picturesque hill village, one of the most romantic locations on earth, is beyond words gifted. Holidays in Munnar offer treasured experiences for a lifetime, whether you are looking for the ideal location for unwinding in the Western Ghats, a memorable honeymoon, an adventurous excursion, or just a family retreat.

Enjoy a Romantic Stroll Around The Tea Estates

One of the top things to do in Munnar for couples is to visit the tea plantation. The tea estates cannot be avoided when visiting Munnar. Green vistas scattered over the stunning Kanan Devan hills as far as the eye can see are nothing short of breathtaking. Take a stroll through the gardens, inhale the aromas, watch the diligent employees, take pictures, and allow the environment to rejuvenate your senses. Don’t just stop at appreciating the beauty; taste the many different kinds of delectable brews and discover everything there is to know about preparing tea. Visit a tea factory that has been in operation for a century to learn about the conventional processes used to make tea. Continue your passion for tea at the Tata Tea Museum, to finish. Munnar is among the most well-liked tourist destinations.

Expeditions for Some Adventure

Prepare for a thrilling journey when booking a honeymoon in Munnar. One of the most exciting things to do in Munnar is trekking, which offers a variety of wonderful paths nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats. Munnar offers equally delightful camping, which is frequently included in trekking excursions. The ideal locations for trekking are Echo Point and Top Station. If you are an experienced trekker, you might prefer Meesapulimala Trek and the Mathikettan Shola Rain Forest Trek. While hiking, you may take in the beautiful view of the clouds and the surrounding landscape. Other exhilarating excursions include animal discovery, rock climbing, and rappelling.

 Have a Romantic Candlelight dinner Near Tea Gardens

If your resort offers the same, couples must try it while in Munnar. Nearly all of the eateries previously mentioned provide candlelight supper services for honeymooning couples. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Munnar. Couples favor international meals like Italian, Chinese, and Thai over local cuisines when having a candlelit dinner. For honeymooning couples, several restaurants even set up barbecues and live cookery. With so many honeymooning couples swarming the restaurants during the busiest travel seasons, getting a candlelit supper is next to impossible. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner over delicious food, make reservations for your candlelight dinners in advance. In the event that the restaurants are fully booked, you can still have a candlelight dinner.

 Explore Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park spans a sizable area of 97 square kilometers and is located along the peak of the Western Ghats. The Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife is in charge of maintaining the national park, which is located 15 kilometres from Munnar. You may see beautiful high-rolling slopes and steady hill plateaus in the local mountain ranges. You can see Anamudi, the highest peak in Kerala, which rises to a height of 2690 meters. One of the best honeymoon spots in Munnar is here. Dense subtropical and tropical evergreen vegetation covers the park’s grounds. Several minor streams that subsequently combine to form tributaries that eventually join the Periyar and Chalakudy rivers irrigate the park. The stunning Rajamalai mountain range is located inside the boundaries of Eravikulam National Park. Rajamala is located 15 kilometers from Munnar town. The area is covered in lush vegetation and serves as the natural habitat of the Hemitragas or Nilgiri Tahr hypocrites.

 Visit Mattupetty Dam and Dairy Farm

Built between mountain ranges, the concrete Mattupetty Dam and Reservoir is primarily used to generate hydroelectric power. The majestic reservoir containing lots of water and the water’s majestic descent from the dam are beautiful sights, and the location is ideal for taking in the tranquil environment. Elephant herds frequently visit the area; seeing elephants drinking and having fun in the water hole is once more a charming sight. This location deserves consideration as one of the top tourist attractions in Munnar for honeymooners. In addition, the area is well-known for the nearby Indo-Swiss Farm. The Indo-Swiss Livestock Project includes this highly specialized dairy farm. Numerous premium cattle can be seen grazing and rearing themselves in lush valleys, resembling scenes from rural Switzerland. The rearing of cattle as well as the production of various dairy products are both open to visitors.

 Kundala Lake Excursion

The next activity on our list of incredible things to do in Munnar is a leisurely excursion to Kundala Lake. Kundala Lake is one of Asia’s oldest arch dams and is incredibly beautiful. It is more of a tranquil retreat because lovely hills surround it. There are cherry blossom trees that enhance their beauty, especially when they are in full bloom. Take a day off and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. Find the rare Neelakurinji flowers, which only bloom once every 12 years, if you are lucky. Shikara rides, pedal boats, and row boats are available on the lake. Have a fun day and come with family and friends. Munnar honeymoon packages can be booked to explore the magnificent charm of Munnar during your honeymoon in Kerala.

 Stay in a Tree House

Tree huts, known locally as Erumadam, are eco-friendly lodgings that provide the best in natural healing. Tree houses are found in the ancient limbs of trees in the very heart of nature. They are constructed from natural materials and furnished with modern conveniences. The best thing to do in Munnar is to stay in one of these charming tree houses because it allows you to relive your fantasy. Visitors can stay in a variety of stunning tree houses in Munnar. Whether it’s for families, honeymooning couples, or nature enthusiasts, staying in a tree house is an exhilarating experience. This experience is inspired by the tribal way of life and overlooking lush tea gardens or woodlands. Connect with nature, take in the sounds of birds and animals, go hiking or on an adventure, and more. The best natural therapy is waiting for you!

 Enjoy Elephant Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park

Elephants are well known to live in Kerala. These gentle animals live in good numbers throughout the lovely state. One of the must-do activities in Munnar is a visit to Carmelagiri Elephant Park if you want to have fun with elephants. Meet the gorgeous creatures, one of the most powerful in the woods. At Elephant Park, you may learn about their daily routines, pet them, assist with bathing, and feed them fruits. After that, you can ride them as they lead you on a thrilling safari through Munnar’s lovely forests. The brief rides are thrilling, especially for young passengers.

 Have Ayurvedic Spa Revitalize

How can you pass up the natural therapy Kerala is so well known for when you are in the state’s most picturesque, tranquil town? Ayurveda, also referred to as the Science of Life, is a comprehensive medical system. Ayurveda promotes well-being and assists in the treatment of illnesses through a variety of rituals, massages, therapies, and spa programs. In Munnar, there are several spa facilities and different resorts with a hint of Ayurvedic enchantment. So be sure you indulge whilst on your Munnar vacation. By partaking in a few sessions, you can also add extra special memories to your honeymoon in Munnar. Along with the therapies, the natural beauty of the hills rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit like magic.

 Discover Munnar’s Old-world Charm

Colonialists from the British Raj moved to the hill town of Munnar because they were inspired by its beauty and pleasure. They intended to settle down in the picturesque expanse because the pleasant weather provided them with relief from Kerala’s humid environment. They conducted research on the growth of crops, spices, coffee, and tea. There are still a few artifacts from that era in Munnar. One of the nicest things to do in Munnar is to explore its old-world charm. You can also pay a visit to CSI Christ Church. The lovely building transports you to a bygone era. Although dedicated in 1910, the church has a long history. It is a product of the British Raj and was built by Scottish estate managers and laborers. Stained-glass windows, bronze plaques, rows of mahogany benches, and a priceless chandelier adorn the church, which charms everyone.

A paradise on earth, Munnar is. There is no denying that this is one of the top honeymoon destinations in India because of the area’s natural beauty and abundance of attractions. With a comprehensive list of attractions in Munnar at your disposal, you can now make travel arrangements with Lock Your Trip. What are you waiting for, then? Plan a honeymoon trip to Kerala with Kerala tour packages and have a great experience!

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