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Probably you might have heard of this new marketing technique of adding Instagram feeds on websites, right? So if you are thinking about whether this strategy is worth a try, you have arrived at the right place. 

In this blog, we have listed a few major benefits that you can enjoy if you embed Instagram feed on the website. These points might clear your mind, and by the end, you might be able to comprehend whether or not you should adopt this strategy. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

We all know that the importance of having an online presence has skyrocketed in recent times. And due to such immense competition, it is essential to have a unique and impressive website. And therefore, we have the strategy to embed Instagram feed on website, that provides the following benefits

1. Improves the visual appeal of the website

While building a website and having an online presence in this competitive environment, you should have that element to stand out from the crowd. Instagram feeds help you in this cause. 

Instagram is a hub of visual-based content. And most of the visual-based contents are pleasing to the eyes. So, by adding Instagram feed to the website, you can easily add an appeal to your website and make it more attractive and create an everlasting impression on your visitors/potential customers.

2. Makes the website more engaging

There is no doubt that Instagram users are creative and often upload content that have the potential to engage the consumers for a long time. Using tools such as social media aggregators, you can pull these contents and show them presentable to your website. By opting to show such content on your website, you can make your website more engaging and eventually hold visitors on a website.

Also, you can even opt to showcase content from your Instagram page and create awareness about your page and content. We all know that visual-based content has the ability to hold viewers and hence with the help of the feed, you can build an engaging website.

3. Increases web traffic

Who would like to visit a website that showcases some engaging, entertaining, and lively content and enhances the browsing experience? 

The vivid Instagram content website can help you gather more visitors on the website and eventually boost the website traffic. And we all know the benefits of having better website traffic – it boosts brand recognition and helps improve search engine ranking.

4. Reduces bounce rate

Once you have a collection of some engaging and entertaining, or informative content on the website, it might help you keep your visitors hooked on the website and eventually reduce your site’s bounce rate. 

A reduced bounced rate works in favor of a website and helps the site in various ways. Also, with an engaging website, it is more likely for your brand to achieve some recognition in the online space.

5. Markets your Instagram profile

In this time of social media dominance, having a strong social media presence is a must for all brands. While it might be difficult for people to find your respective brand handle with such competition, Instagram feed on websites provides that path.

Let us put it in simple words when you embed an free Instagram widget on a website, and you also provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your visitors. And as the visitors might have the option to follow you there, it might help you build a robust online presence.


There are various other benefits of adding Instagram feeds on websites. And, based on the benefits mentioned above, we can surely say that embedding Instagram feeds on websites is worth a try. You can even run your hashtag campaign and promote them on your website by embedding hashtag feeds. So, what’s holding you back? Try them now to take your business to new heights.

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