Kaleshwar Mudra will get rid of addiction, know the way

Kaleshwar Mudra will get rid of addiction, know the way

Do practice Kaleshwar Mudra daily if you want to get rid of addiction. Learn here its benefits and how to do it.

Intoxication along with a bad lifestyle and an unbalanced diet proves to be very harmful. Some people are not able to get rid of their bad habits even after lakhs of effort. In such a situation, through this article, we will tell you about a special yoga posture to calm the habit and mind naturally, which is named Kaleshwar Mudra. Kalesvara Mudra is a kind of hand mudra, the practice of which removes the evils within us. This mudra removes bad thoughts that arise in the mind. This gives our brain more power to think and understand. Kaleshwar Mudra has been given special importance under Hasta Mudra. Have you ever heard the name of Kaleshwar Mudra? Or have practiced this mudra? If not, then know about the benefits of doing Kaleshwar Mudra.

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What is Kalesvara Mudra?

Kaleshwar Mudra is one such hasta mudra, which gives us mental peace and relaxation. You can practice this Hasta Mudra at any time of the day. And if you do this mudra for 15 to 20 minutes daily for a few weeks then you will feel a good change in yourself. This mudra in particular awakens a positive attitude within you by changing bad habits. This is a hand gesture. It is quite capable in itself to fill the circulation of energy by reducing the stress level in your body.

Hasta Mudra has an important role in Yoga:

The complete control of our health is in the fingers of our hand and from here the whole body is operated. The five elements of fire, air, sky, earth, and water are perceived by the five fingers of the hand. Along with asanas, hasta mudras also play a big role in yoga. Many problems can be overcome by regular practice of hand postures. Hand postures have a special status in yoga.

Benefits of Kalesvara Mudra:

1. Kaleshwar Mudra gets rid of bad addictions

It is not that easy to get over bad addictions, for this, you have to make many sacrifices. But by practicing Kaleshwar Mudra, you can get rid of addiction without any struggle and without much effort. There are many people who want to give up bad habits like smoking, and drinking, but are unable to do so, in such a situation, they should especially practice Kaleshwar Mudra regularly. And which helps you to get rid of all kinds of harmful habits. With the practice of this mudra, gradually your attention starts diverting from the intoxicant side. By doing this, you leave the intoxication and start paying attention to your food and drink.

2. Kaleeshwar Mudra Increases Memory Power

By practicing Kaleshwar Mudra daily, memory and memory power also increases. Priyanka says that to sharpen the memory, advice like eating almonds and exercising is not wrong in any way, but along with this, the practice of this mudra also proves to be very beneficial for you. Along with increasing the capacity of your brain, this mudra increases the efficiency of the nervous system. It is also considered very effective for those people who have a habit of forgetting quickly.

3. Kaleshwar Mudra keeps the mind calm

Yoga has been considered helpful since ancient times for mental disorders and for keeping the mind fit. Which is absolutely correct and certified. By doing this special posture of yoga, you can remove stress, anxiety, etc. This mudra prevents all the wrong thoughts going on in your mind. Not only this, but it also controls your emotions and brings positivity to the body.

4. Activates Agya Chakra

Kaleshwar Mudra also helps in keeping the Agya Chakra active. Which energy comes from the pulse present in the body. With this yoga posture, the Agya chakra present in your body becomes active and smooth. It is believed that by being aware of the Agya Chakra in the body, the body gets many powers. With 20 minutes of regular practice of this mudra, you can easily activate your Agya chakra.

5. Enhances thinking ability

When our memory power increases, the ability to think and understand automatically increases. By which you are able to take better decisions in personal and professional life. Being happy from the inside also keeps a person’s health healthy. By increasing the ability to understand, this mudra also curbs the thoughts that come about intoxication in your mind. This mudra also has a positive effect on your nervous system, due to which your concentration also increases. This yoga can also be done to children to increase concentration.

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How To Do Kalesvera Mudra:

Kaleshwar Mudra

  • Kaleshwar Mudra is the mudra performed by the fingers. It can be done quite easily.
  • To do this, sit calmly in a flat place and close your eyes.
  • If you sit in the position of Padmasana to do this, then it will be more effective. However, you can also do it sitting in a simple way.
  • Now bring both the hands in the line of the chest, in this way leave your elbows open.
  • Keep in mind that during this your spine should be absolutely straight.
  • Keep the tip of the middle ie the tip of the middle along with the thumb of the hands, instead of joining them separately.
  • To do this mudra, you have to keep the ring finger, little finger, and index finger down. Lay it down in such a way that its knuckles meet.
  • Keep practicing it for some time. In such a situation, you have to inhale and exhale upwards.

If you too are not able to get rid of addiction, then Kaleshwar Mudra can prove to be very helpful for you. You can easily do this mudra with the methods given in the article.

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