tips to increase amazon sales in covid

Key Takeaways To Grow Your Amazon Sales In This Pandemic With Amazon PPC

According to statistics, Amazon is the most popular online marketplace, with more than 197 million individuals visiting the site to buy things. 

It’s a tremendous number! Not just for consumers, but also for vendors, Amazon is the most dependable buying site. Many people sell well on Amazon, but it takes a strategy to be successful.

Amazon PPC Management software is a fantastic method for achieving success on Amazon. General management of PPC campaigns is a skilled-based work, but in a pandemic circumstance like COVID 19, selling strategies and techniques have changed dramatically.

People have been isolated as a result of the pandemic, which has modified their purchasing habits, as well as the sales of many product categories. Some categories, such as medications, groceries, and home-office supplies, have soared, while others have sunk.

How Does the Amazon PPC Campaign Grow Your Business?

PPC advertising on Amazon has a huge impact on sales because when a seller or vendor conducts a PPC campaign, they are purchasing the top spots for their products’ visibility.

Sellers that take use of the possibilities of PPC by creating a planned advertising campaign see a considerable increase in their revenue year after year. However, if you don’t have a clear strategy in place, it will be tough to meet your Amazon PPC campaign objectives.

What Is Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Amazon PPC is a marketing approach in which promoters (sellers/vendors) pay a fee to Amazon each time a customer clicks on their (pay-per-click) advertisement. There are three Amazon PPC modules to choose from:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Product Display Ads (PDAs)

Sponsored Products are when sellers utilize keyword-focused promotions to promote their products.

Sponsored Brands — when a company advertises to promote its unique characteristics, logo, and up to three items. With the ability to direct customers to their store pages or an Amazon welcoming page.

Product Display Ads — This sort of ad is exclusively available to Amazon sellers. Customers are directed to Amazon product detail pages directly from these promotions/ads. It’s better for interest-based shoppers to get the relevant product adverts they’re looking for.

Key Takeaways With Amazon PPC Campaign  

The following are the generalized pandemic tendencies on amazon pay per click during a pandemic situation:

Huge Online Traffic 

During the epidemic, the entire world was put on lockdown (which is now ending), which reflected certain pandemic tendencies in Amazon PPC. People at home, for example, began to buy everything online, resulting in a significant increase in web traffic (clicks on ads and products)

Online Traffic Ad Revenue And Ad Spend Overall Volume Have Intensified

It is self-evident that increased traffic leads to increased advertising revenue and spend. Brands, on the other hand, have higher expectations, and stronger advertising pays well. They can increase their advertising spending because the earnings will outweigh the costs.

Advertising Efficiency In Terms Of ACoS And ROAS

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) are two sides of the same coin. It demonstrates your beliefs by displaying how much money you spent on advertising and what you got in return. You’ll be able to create revenue in this epidemic if you keep track of these insights and put in the necessary work.

Low Competition 

Another important factor to consider is that overall competition has dropped, which has resulted in cheaper prices per click. Because conversion rates fluctuate so much during the epidemic, establishing accurate sales or conversion rates was difficult.

All of these patterns, however, indicated a rise in advertising spending (but all business needs strategy).

What is the Average Cost Per Click (CPC) Offered By Amazon?

The average CPC on Amazon ranges from $0.02 to $3. Depending on the Amazon item class or subcategory you sell in, as well as the severity of your specialty, your typical CPC can vary dramatically.

How To Bid For Amazon PPC?

On Amazon, the most expensive bidder will always win the Cost-Per-Click (CPC):

Every Seller makes a default offer (the highest price they are willing to accept) for their ad. The highest bidder receives the most prominent advertisement position (promotion rank #1) as well as the highest CPC.

If a seller makes a $4.00 offer and the sale goes through. If someone clicks on their advertisement, Advertiser 3 will be charged $3.51 for the snap.

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