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Learn Fruits Name

Make yourself a fruity hat: A straw hat on which you will have glued plastic fruits name. Hide several fruits all over your room and ask the children to find them to put them in a basketful in the middle of the table (or of your hello circle) to start your discussion on the subject chat:


 Each week, we give you a utility created from special requests that we have received. ( Open Canada Day poster ) Print and position at the charm to your daycare to let parents know that you will be closed on July 1.

What is your favourite fruit? The one you like the least? Have you ever tasted these fruits names for kids? And show the children pictures of more exotic fruits by naming them.

fruits name



( Open -Educa-decorate -fruits ) Print, cut out and laminate. Decorate your walls to put your room in the mood for the theme. Hang posters or pictures of fruit on the walls of your room. Hang plastic fruit (or pictures) from the ceiling of your room.


 Each week we have a themed picture game that you can use as a memory game or as a trigger for a chat. Use the pictures to decorate your room or create a thematic corner. ( Open picture game-fruits ) Impress, laminate, and store in a “Ziploc” satchel or in your thematic bin.


Each week, we suggest writing cards for you. Print for each baby or laminate and use with an erasable pen. ( Open writing cards- F for fruit ).


Each week, we suggest activity sheets. Print and follow the directions ( Open activity sheets – fruits name ).


Each week, we suggest observation sheets. Print for each baby or laminate and use with an erasable pen. ( Open- observation sheet-letter H )


Have fun with the wonderful workshop ideas created by Caroline Allard: 

Construction workshop (blocks)

  • Use plastic or cardboard glasses to make all kinds of constructions.
  • Drinking straws will serve as fences, pillars, or simply as decorations for buildings.
  • Aluminium plates of different sizes will add a “shiny” touch to children’s constructions.
  • Use empty, clean individual yoghurt or compote containers to replace blocks! Appeal to parents. You will accumulate several quickly.

Plastic arts workshop

  • Pasta, rice, or cereals to make all kinds of collages (see creative recipe on
  • Cut out grocery circulars to create a whole feast by making a collective or individual collage.
  • Gouache in muffin containers, and we paint with pastry brushes.
  • You can also make impressions with cookie cutters.
  • Make prints with different foods (chopped peppers, apples, potatoes, carrots, etc.).
  • Maracas can be made with a container having a lid and adding seeds, pasta, or rice inside.
  • Different containers of food to be recycled to build a model of a city, for example.
  • All crafts are made with food!

Drawings workshop

  • Drawings for colouring on the theme (the four food groups, utensils, people who cook, etc.).
  • Print out a creative colouring of a plate and have friends draw what they like most or what they like least on it.
  • You can draw a recipe that you want to create, and all mixtures are allowed!

Role-playing workshop


 • Thematic

Tray: Plastic bowls, plates, glasses, cups and utensils, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, water pitcher, wicker baskets, empty food containers (example: jam jar, margarine container, etc.), plastic food, recipe books, restaurant menus (those received for delivery), cash register, notepad, pencils, money for playing, calculator, serving trays, fabric flowers, candlesticks, and candles, etc.

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