Dubai desert safari

One of the most exciting and memorable things I did in Dubai was a trip to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. We took a desert trip, saw wildlife, learned about falconry and saw exhibits of predators. The trip includes lunch and a camel ride. It is like being on a desert day when you are ready for the many things you have seen and done.

Desert Adventure Group showed me the desert in a way I had never imagined! As we drove through the jungle on an old Land Rover across the Dubai Desert Reserve, I saw beautiful sand dunes and wildlife. Eventually, I enjoyed playing with carnivorous birds (hawks, hawks, and desert eagles) that were professionally bred.

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Falconry and Wildlife Safari:

Desert Adventure Group has many different types of travel. They are all high quality. When we went on one of their cheap trips, it was worth the money. We went through Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Safari. All photos in this article are from this tour. The tour will take about five hours. It costs about $ 150 per person, which is strange for the amount of work involved.

After 5 hours, it seems like a long time. How many things you can do in just 5 hours and what a rich experience!

Interactive Shows of Predators:

The highlight of the trip was the interactive exhibits of predators such as eagles, hawks, and owls. As a guide, we can fly all three species of birds alone.

  1. Falconry

This tour will teach you about falconry (the process of hunting wild animals in their natural habitat with a trained hunting animal – falcon).

Falconry has been in Dubai for over 2,000 years. A lot of things about the techniques and traditions of falconry happen to me when I try in real life. It was no secret because we were traveling in the same car. We do all these things with other people. However, the group is small, so everyone is likely to meet each animal individually.

  1. Hawks

I also had to fly bats to see these beautiful birds.

  1. Desert Owls

Desert otter is one of the most memorable things I have ever done. Beautiful: This hunting animal has bright orange eyes and a black border around its beautiful face.

Breakfast at Bedouin Camp:

The breakfast was delicious, and we met some predators in the Bedouin camp.

Camel Ride:

Then you can ride a camel or see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat, in the desert, and have fun with them.

Wildlife Driving:

The last thing on the trip is to drive past the Dubai Desert Reservation on the historic Land Rover and see the wildlife. It is a great way to experience the beauty of the desert and the land of the dunes. Visitors can see native animals such as the Arabian Oryx of Arabia, a species of deer.

Travellers begin the desert trek and falconry in the Dubai desert safari. It was an unforgettable experience.

This tour is called Heritage Falconry and Wildlife Safari and costs only $ 150 per person! Travellers will embark on a desert trip with Adventure Planet, an eco-friendly company in Dubai.

If you want to go on one of their cheap trips, here it is (Adventure Group has many options on its website). You can see in the pictures that although it was one of their cheapest trips, it cost $ 150 per person, but it was still great. That’s great! Next time you want to take a night trip.

For More Detail check the site of the Desert adventure Group for the best adventure.

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