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Modern French doors functions and adantages

Today, French style is available to everyone. Such doors are used both in apartments and in country houses. They can connect the living room with the kitchen, overlook the balcony or go out onto the terrace. Often this type of door structure is installed complete with French doors and windows.

The latter have a similar design and occupy space from ceiling to floor. Such design solutions allow not only to make the room brighter, but also create a unique lightness and a feeling of spaciousness.

Pluses and drawbacks

  1. Style. Such designs make the situation more original, emphasize the dignity of the room. French doors look great in any interior. They can be harmoniously entered into both classic and modern, and even in high-tech hi-tech style. Many glazing options and profile shades make it easy to choose, allowing you to find the option that is ideal for each specific case.
  2. Visual effect. Translucent doors not only fill the room with light. They visually expand the space, create the effect of a lack of borders.
  3. Easy of use. Such doors are no less convenient than conventional designs. In addition, you can choose any type of opening that suits your interior.
  4. Practicality. Glass for such doors are made using a special technology. They are highly durable, can withstand heavy loads without even forming cracks. At the same time, French models are available in two versions. “Cold” doors protect only from light drafts and dust. “Warm” structures are equipped with excellent sound and heat insulation properties.

There are only two drawbacks to French doors. The first is the need for regular maintenance. Dust, fingerprints and other contaminants often appear on glass surfaces. However, modern specialized tools allow you to clean glass in minutes, without making any effort.

The second drawback is the rather high price.  Although if you purchase a door with the expectation of several years, then this minus becomes not so significant.

Main types

  • Input. As an input, such structures are often used by owners of country houses. This technique allows you to enjoy the views of nature without leaving your home, creates a unique atmosphere and lets the sun’s rays into the room. For additional security in this case, a lock is installed on the door. Sometimes reliability is enhanced by a decorative grille lowered at night.
  • Entrance structures are sealed, they are made of fiberglass. The appearance of the products is beautiful and modern. This provides reliable protection against extraneous noise and heat preservation. In addition, the synthetic material is resistant to temperature extremes and humidity. It does not deform and does not lose its attractiveness for many years.
  • Doors to the loggia. French door structures facing the loggia are similar to the front doors. The tightness and thermal insulation of balcony models are at a decent level. And their appearance is able to transform the room beyond recognition.
  • Interroom. Doors separating interior spaces are usually made of glass and wood. This design looks especially elegant and sophisticated. The choice of such doors is appropriate in any premises, but this option is especially successful for decorating small rooms.

Main design of french doors

  1. Swing. The classics of French doors are swinging models. They are ideal for spacious rooms, easy to install and elegant looking. As for the style orientation, this option will perfectly fit into the classic interior, and into the romantic Provence, and into the original modern. Hospitably open doors create a special coziness and speak of the impeccable taste of the owner of the house.
  2. Sliding. This type uses in modern interiors. Sliding designs look original and stylish. In addition, they allow you to save usable space, because they do not require additional space to open doors (unlike swing doors). In this case, when opening, the canvas slides easily to the side without making any noise. If the door has several wings, they can “scatter” in different directions.
  3. Folding. This variety opens and closes, folding like an accordion. This option also saves space by unobtrusively zoning the room. When folded, the doors almost completely free the opening, which increases the convenience of their operation. Such designs fit well into the Provence style, look original in modern and mixed styles.

Models and modifications

You can choose the option with small “windows” or a single glass sheet that occupies the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe structure. The original choice would be a model with a combination of large and small “windows”.

The glass itself can be completely transparent. This is the classic version. If you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, choose a door with frosted or tinted glass. And stained glass windows and various patterns can turn the door structure into a real work of art.

As for the color scheme of the profile, there are also no restrictions. Traditionally, the color of French doors is white. Models made in this color look especially gentle and airy. However, you can choose another option if you wish.

Natural wood shades (beige, light and dark brown tones) will fit well into the classic interior. For a Provence style design, you can choose a door with a soft blue, pale green or light gray profile. Modern trends allow contrasting black, metallic and even bright colors. It all depends on the style of the interior and personal preferences.


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