Most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them

Most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

There are many SEO mistakes that so-called SEO experts make daily. SEO is getting difficult day by day. According to world wide web size there are more than 5 billion web pages on the internet. Everyone wants to rank 1st on search engines for their particular keywords. But it’s impossible to rank by practicing the wrong SEO methods. So, in this article, we are going to share with you 7 most common SEO mistakes to avoid them.

1. Use optimized images:

Images have the power to describe your whole content in less time. But a common mistake people do while uploading images is that they don’t optimize the image. mistakes people make are:-

  • Posting high size image
  • Don’t put relevant keywords in Alt text.
  • Put irrelevant images that don’t describe their content.

If you don’t want to mess with the quality of the image then their several websites you can go and less the size of the image, but the quality won’t get worse. JPEG compress is a website that allows you to upload JPEG files to lighten their size, applying various algorithms with losses (lossy) that discard data from them, but without compromising their apparent quality.

Putting alt text in the picture describes the search engine that what is this image about. By putting the correct keyword you can rank your image for the particular keyword.

People sometimes put irrelevant images in their content which don’t even describe it. So it’s very important to put the image which describes your content. For getting free relevant images you can surf to several free sites like pixabay, unsplash, etc.

Other than that make your image optimized for mobile phones. Because users most often use mobile for searching on search engines.


2. Your content formatted incorrectly

This is one of the most common SEO mistake that people make while writing their content. Search engine doesn’t like the content which are wrongly formatted. Even your visitors find it difficult to read the content. And if your content isn’t getting engagement then search engine won’t rank it.

For formatting correctly,

  • Use H tags while writing headings.
  • Don’t write too long paragraphs.
  • Use bold, italic texts.
  • Don’t do typing and grammar mistake.

Because of typing and grammar mistake google thinks your content is cheap and won’t rank it.

3. You are not using correct keywords

Keywords are one of the most important things in SEO. Using correct Keywords help you to rank on the search engine. But this is one of the most common SEO mistakes people do. Sometimes people use keywords that are not even related to their content. And sometimes they use keywords that are too difficult to rank for them.

For choosing best keywords for your content you can go to several free and paid tools. And search your query there and they will show you keywords ideas which are searched by peoples related to your content. Choose the keyword whose difficulty is less and search volume is good and then write your content around that keyword. And you will avoid this common SEO mistake.

List of some best keyword tool:-

  • Ahrefs (paid tool)
  • Semrush (paid tool)
  • Google keywords planner (free)
  • (free)
  • ubersuggest (free)

4. Not making your site mobile friendly

More than 50% of people surf internet on there mobile phone. But many of the websites on the internet don’t make their site mobile friendly. And just because of that reason search engine don’t rank them because search engine consider mobile friendliness. You can check mobile friendliness of your website on these tools:-

  • Google mobile friendly test.
  • Bing mobile friendliness tool
  • Mobi ready mobile friendly checker.
  • Rankwatch.

If you are using wordpress then you can use several plugins like wp touch, jetpack, and wp super cache for making your site mobile friendly. And themes which are mobile friendly are Avada, Divi, Realtor etc. And you can avoid this common SEO msitake.

5. Choose Quality backlinks

This is also one of the most SEO common mistakes people do while creating backlinks that, they go for the number of backlinks rather than the quality of the backlink. One backlink from the high domain authority is more than the hundreds of backlinks from the spamming sites.

Try to create backlinks from the sites which are related to your industry or your niche. Don’t create the backlinks in the sites which are not related to your topic. And creating backlinks on the spammy sites can even hurt your website and lower its rankings, So never create backlinks on spammy websites.

5. Write a unique fresh content

Plagiarism or duplicate content is one of the causes of the decline in blog traffic in the serpent. is this true? as many SEO experts talk that duplicate content is one of the many mistakes when SEO optimization. especially on-page SEO. plagiarism is very hated by search engines because maybe blogs or websites do not present a good user experience, therefore why duplicate content is so hated. it’s useless if the content that we have created with great difficulty has a negative impact always consider this. To avoid duplicate content issue use online plagiarism checker tool. To detect plagiarism, the application compares the text with millions of academic journals and webpages from Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

The no. 1 thing which will attract the searcher to come to your article is your title and description. People don’t give much importance to these things. But writing a unique and engaging title and description is very necessary. To avoid this common seo mistake write the main points you in the description that you have discussed in the article.

Even the search engine bots read all your titles and descriptions and rank your website on the search engines. So try to avoid this common SEO mistake and get organically rank.


6. You Don’t promote your blog

Just writing your content is not enough. You are not going to get any traffic if you are not promoting them. Promoting your content is very important. You are going to need a large no. of followers on social media before promotion becomes less important. To avoid this seo common SEO mistake you can start promoting your blog by:-

  • By doing guest posts.
  • By using Facebook ads and google ads.
  • Start promoting it on social media.
  • Create your email list.

By writing articles on other big and high visiting websites you can get traffic to your website. You can use Facebook paid advertising and google advertising initially to attract visitors. You can create social media pages and and start promoting your content their. Or you can grow email list and send you article on email whenever you write any new article.

7. Not using internal links

Creating the internal links in your website is one of the most important thing to do in SEO. It can help you to get visitors to the old blogs. It is one of the most important factor in getting ranking on search engine. While writing new blogs do interlinking with old relevant blogs which provide value to the customers and are related to that blog.

Suppose you are writing blog about “How to master social media marketing” and have a blog on “what is social media marketing” then you create anchor text on “social media” and link it to “what is social media marketing”.

So theses are some most common SEO mistakes people do while doing SEO of their websites. Doing wrong practices and avoiding right practices can hurt your website. So in this post we have shared with some SEO mistakes and how to correct them. So use this techniques when you are going to write your next post. If this content provide value to you then like and comment.

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