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My Ecommerce Site is Not Selling: 6 Common Problems

One can find millions of reasons why our Ecommerce stores are not getting good sales. However, to be honest you can’t leave them as it is. You need to take the responsibility to find the issues and fix them to get most of the profits that we are missing.  Here in the article, let’s see the common problems of why your Ecommerce site is not selling and, and how to fix them.

1.No Proper Optimization of the pages

If the ecommerce website is not selling, it might be due to the pages which are not optimized. Optimizing pages make sure to get a better chance to rank higher in the search engine results. So you could steer perfect leads to the web pages. Without optimized pages, you don’t rank in the search results. If you are not driving any relevant traffic to the page, you might not get sales for the brand.


First, try to get the pages optimized for search engine optimization. Willing  to optimize pages for driving perfect traffic, then you should look at a few SEO practices that include: 

  • Adding relevant keywords on the pages enables you to rank well in similar search results.
  • People don’t like to wait. So, ensure the website loads at a good speed. Utilize a tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights to know how to develop the website load time. You can hire a Shopify agency for page speed services.
  • Ensure the website looks better over mobile, as google considers your website mobile version to rank.  A Responsive design enables you to offer a positive mobile experience that keeps people stay on the site.
  • A Shopify agency can help you wry both on-page and Off-page SEO optimization that invites more traffic facts never seen before. 

2. Checkout process is entangled

Want to develop sales on the website, you should look over the checkout process. Most companies make the mistake of creating a complex checkout process that scares off people from the website fully.  The main mistake is that people think brands want them to create an account to buy. Most people will likely purchase products and like to move away without creating an account.  It can be the reason why your e-commerce site is not selling properly. Many steps in the checkout process that asks customers to fill out make people leave the page.   


 So, what is the solution to streamline the checkout process that improves sales? Here are the best practices to follow for changing the checkout process

  • Take out many steps: If any step of the checkout process about processing, shipping and delivery are not much needed try to remove it step. Either it’s a long phone number or creating an account, removing steps that are not needed for the checkout process.
  • Eradicate Sign-ups: Make the purchasers choose the option for checkout as the guests. Go with email for delivering order tracking details. They follow up by inviting shoppers to make an account.
  • Provide several payment options: You could miss sales if you aren’t providing the payment options. Provide several payment options with a checkout process for an easy shopping experience.

3. Not attractive in ng right traffic

Traffic is important but attracting the wrong traffic is painful in the ecommerce growth process. Gathering the right traffic is important for any commerce growth success. Not every person who visits your site or browses the products is ready to become your customer. Conversions only work with the consumers who look at what you are selling. But how to reach them is the main question. You  should understand the consumers and their needs and have a good understanding of what type of things they will be looking for in terms of whatever you are selling 


Try to understand the background of the people who you like to reach. That includes their hobbies, interests, and salary. Check online and study who examined these things. You can reach a Shopify plus agency to study your audience. Surveys are even useful factors but you can’t rely on them. The best thing you can do is add the right keywords on the products, landing pages, or running ads.  keywords associated with many products and indexed by several platforms. That enables you to have greater exposure  before a target audience

4. No products in the cart

Shopping online is very similar to window shopping. People visit your website to buy something and explore everything but don’t think about buying it at present.  So, they put their favorite products in the carts. The next time when they visit the website again, they go straight to their carts. If they didn’t find the items in the carts then they find visiting and exploring the site for the same product again boring.

An e-commerce site with carted products sounds good for the consumers. If the items are saved in their carts when they visit again without the need of signing up for an account, it makes them super happy.  

How to do it?


 A simple call-to-action can motivate people to complete what they are thinking or aiming to purchase. Don’t sound too desperate just don’t as you are reminding them about the products. Keep them in places visited by the guests often, which takes them to your sites which access quick checkout. Also, people 

 come back to your stores anytime to recall what they are shopping for. Utilize a widget that saves the products that involved people who didn’t sign up.

5. Heavy Competition

E-commerce selling is different from conventional retail sales. With the online stores, you are fighting with the huge retail business worldwide. That includes Walmart,  Amazon, and more major retailers who are a click away.  The more competitive you have with a certain niche, the harder it becomes to succeed.  In case you are seeking a normal product that’s accessible in every store, then you are in a sea of struggle.  


Give the customers a reason to buy from you rather than the competitors. It can enable you to pick the perfect niche. For instance, rather than selling apparel, go for specific items such as Custom printing clothes, Socks, bottoms, and more. In the process of winning over winning popular retailers, you might lose. Be confident about your niche and show what’s so special about you, get the dice rolling. 

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