Nine Essentials for a Cozy Night Around the Campfire

One quintessential part of summertime is building campfires to combat the chilly air that still comes out on summer nights. As summer season starts to fade into fall, you don’t need to give up cozy nights around the campfire! In fact, the fall months are perfect times to gather around a fire with your friends and family and make new memories. With the smell of leaves, a gentle cold in the air, and the timing of taking your warm clothes out of storage, campfires are ideal fall events.


Whether you are a campfire aficionado or haven’t joined a campfire in years but fondly remember your childhood camping memories, you can have the best bonfire season imaginable if you bring along a few essentials. Keep reading to learn the nine items to pack for your summer and fall campfires to make them the best nights of the season.

Warm Blankets


The number one essential you don’t want to miss when you’re sitting around the campfire is warm, furry throw blankets. Although the fire will be warm, the night air will be chilly, so wrapping yourself in a soft blanket is the perfect way to stay toasty. If you are supplying the blankets for others as well, you won’t be able to carry multiple heavy bed blankets, but fur throw blankets come in the perfect size to cover your body but still be foldable and lightweight. Fur throw blankets come in a variety of materials including wool, cashmere, fur, cotton, and knits. Don’t forget to grab your fur throw blanket (or a few) when you’re heading out the door.

Bug Spray


The bugs can be relentless on summer nights, but even during your fall campfires, you can find yourself getting bitten while you’re having fun and then itching throughout the next day. Remember to bring bug spray and coat every bit of exposed skin. Just to be safe, you should also spray your clothing, since bugs can bite through light clothing.

Hot Drinks


As you’re talking and laughing around the campfire, you’ll want to have a warm drink in your hand to keep you hydrated. The best drinks for a super cozy bonfire are hot chocolate and spicy apple cider, but if you think you’ll be warm enough from the fire, you can sip any beverage of choice. Pack plenty of water as well, because drinking water at night can help detox your body while you sleep.

Thick Sweaters


There are a few good reasons to wear a wooly sweater as you sit around the campfire. Not only does the full coverage and thick material help protect against bug bites, but it’s also the perfect material to snuggle up in while you enjoy your night. When combined with hot drinks, fur throw blankets, and the heat of the fire, you’ll be guaranteed to stay warm.



Campfires are ideal environments to have great conversations and get to know the people around you better, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t nice to have some music playing in the background. Remember to bring a speaker that you can play your music through loud enough for everyone with you to hear. You might like to lightly play some soft tunes as a soundtrack to the night, or maybe you’ll want to put on some upbeat songs and get everyone dancing!



When you aren’t up and dancing around, you’ll want somewhere comfortable to sit. While summertime beach bonfires are nice environments to sit on the sand, you’ll enjoy kicking back in a chair during fall campfires. Foldable and collapsible seating is ideal for campfires because it’s easy to carry around. These chairs are also quick to pack up at the end of the night, and you can keep them in your car for the next campfire night.



For the coziest campfire of your life, you should also bring pillows with you for everyone to curl up or lounge on. You can lay out blankets on the ground and scatter pillows around for people to lay back on, or you can use them for some additional comfort on your chairs. Regardless of how you use them, they are an essential item to have on hand.

Cards and Games


If you and your friends enjoy games, be sure to bring some packs of cards or group games to the campfire. Games that get everyone talking and sharing are incredibly fun to play around a campfire, and they can help get the night started. Best to leave the board games at home, though—all the little pieces can be hard to keep track of in the dark.


Smore Supplies


What are campfires without smores? Remember to pack your graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and roasting sticks. You might also want to bring a few other snacks as well, such as chips, pretzels, candy, or popcorn.



Fall campfire season is just beginning, so use this guide to remember to pack the nine essentials that will help you have cozy nights around the fire!