Our educational institutes are supposed to impart quality education to students. And this must be done in a good manner. That means students shall not be over-burdened by their studies. They should be taught in a way that learning becomes an enjoyable activity for them.

However, there are many shortcomings in our education systems that are driving students away from studies. Indeed, students are seen to be falling under stress and anxiety. Following are the ways in which the education system is instilling stress and anxiety among students:

  1. Lack of sleep

Educational systems have the rule of teaching many diverse courses to the students at a time. Students have to teach even those subjects in which they have zero interest. The burden of course is so much that students are unable to have proper sleep. This leads to disturbed mental health.

If students are overburdened with a load of studies then they may reach out to academic services. They can ask for quick assignment help from professionals and focus on their sleep deprivation instead of risking their health.

  1. Strict deadlines

When students are given strict deadlines they perform very poorly in their courses. The issue of strict deadlines is quite condemnable. This is because the course outlines of each course are already there in educational institutions. Hence, they must assign tasks timely to the students. Strict deadlines become the most distressful situation for students.

When students are under strict deadlines they often seek help from academic services. This is because they provide university assignment writing services which are observe even under strict deadlines.

  1. Excessive evaluations and examinations

Being evaluated for what you are taught is very necessary. Through examinations students and their teachers can keep a record of their progress. However, when evaluations and examinations are conducted excessively, it becomes a problematic situation. Now some educational systems are even conducting monthly tests. This leads to academic stress as students are constantly under the pressure of impending exams.

  1. Grades are associated with lower self-esteem

Not everyone can become a topper. And when students get fewer grades, their whole self-esteem is destroyed. The students who are average in studies or who fail at courses are seen as complete losers in themselves. The association of grades with your worth is the most deplorable situation associated with educational institutions.

The academic staff should be careful in this regard. They should never give such impressions. A student shall never be degraded if they score less as this disturbs their mental health a lot.

  1. Repeating the whole year for failing in just a few courses

There are many reasons why a student might not pass an exam. Sometimes students even flunk more than one paper. If they fail at many papers then repeating the whole year can be considered. But some educational institutions even make you repeat the whole year even if you fail at like two courses.


Repeating a whole year decreases a student’s morale even further. All their previous effort goes in vain and the next year they do not feel like studying anything at all.

  1. Strict attendance

Many educational institutions associate the attendance record of the students with their appearance in the exams. That means if they do not fulfill particular attendance criteria they may not be allowed to take exams. Furthermore, students have to come to classes at exact times. Even if they are a little late, their presence is not marked.


University students have many genuine issues for which they may be a little late. But when educational institutions do not coordinate with the students and show no leniency then students become extremely distressed.

  1. Education is becoming more expensive

Many educational institutions are becoming privatized. There are indeed many private institutions in many countries that are better than their public educational institutions. However, they are very expensive. Education is indeed becoming more and more expensive. This is especially true for higher education.


Only a few percent of the population can make it to the university. Many students even do part-time jobs to meet the expenses of the educational institutions. Therefore, students feel depressed.

  1. Lack of equal opportunities for all

Another similar issue is the lack of equal opportunities for all. It is no hidden fact that the educational institutes in the urban areas are quite good. But those in the rural areas are not so well. Also, there is a difference between the standard of education provided in public and private educational institutions.

Another sad fact is that discrimination can be observed in many areas based on caste, color, or creed. Hence different attitude towards students from different backgrounds can also affect their efficiency. A slight shift in your attitude can bring drastic changes in what you are doing

  1. Lack of focus on the development of skills that causes distress

The modern corporate sector requires skills too along with textbook knowledge. However, many educational institutes do not focus on this aspect of students’ learning. They just impart bookish knowledge. This creates a great cause of concern for students. This is because students are now well aware that they need skills to get jobs in the future.

The experts in the industries want them to have an analytical mindset. When educational institutes do not help students in developing an in-depth understanding of their fieldwork then they get stressed about how they would be able to procure jobs in the future. This shortcoming of the educational institutes distresses students a lot.

  1. Inadequate access to technology

The modern world is indeed becoming a digital world. You need to have a good understanding of technology to perform well in this modern world. Technology even aids in learning. Studies have also shown that digital learning contributes to deeper learning (VanderArk and Schneider, 2012). However, when educational institutes are not well-equipped with the latest technologies, students face the stress of being lagged in the modern world.

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