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Pick These Platforms If You’re Bored Of Slack

Pick These Platforms If You’re Bored Of Slack


No doubt Slack is one of the known business online meeting platforms allowing team members to meet and collaborate in one place. Slack offers you an online space to host webinars serving different purposes like education, marketing, and media, etc. 

But over time, many new online webinar platforms are being introduced in the market. There are plenty of online platforms that offer more than webinars.

So, if you are looking for online platforms other than Slack, or you are fed up with Slack or want to explore other online events or webinar platforms, then you have landed on the right blog.

In this blog, we will discuss those online platforms that you can pick instead of Slack. So let’s just start the blog.



Whenever it comes to a webinar platform, Mixhubb is the first name that comes to our mind. It is an online meeting platform that allows you to connect virtually via audio and video conferencing. With Mixhubb you can execute unforgettable webinars in no time. With its 3D interface, Mixhubb successfully delivers intuitive and immersive webinar experiences to the team.  

 Mixhubb is a 100% safe, self-managed webinar platform, allowing you to manage webinars on your own. Mixhubb is a scalable platform, allowing you to connect with a team of any size. Moreover, it is a customizable platform, allowing you to create and design the event according to your requirement. Along with this, you can also create a website for your event within a few minutes. If you want any kind of change in the content of a webinar, you can easily do that with Mixhubb. 

Apart from that, Mixhubb comes with many robust features that elevate your webinar experience to the next level. Features include quick registration pages, registration via any social media platforms, recording, Network tables, video calls, group chats, handouts, etc. Mixhubb offers many interactive tools to promote two-way interaction like live chats, polls, and Q&A to make communication more engaging and interactive. 

All above that, AI Matchmaking, Multilingual sessions, breakout rooms, etc are some of its top-notch features. 

Mixhubb is one of the leading cost-effective online platforms allowing you to host 3D virtual events without having a headache. It also offers a free trial to users for hosting unlimited online meetings or events. 


Google Workplace:

Google Workplace is another easy-to-setup online conferencing platform. Irrespective of the size of the team, it provides them a virtual space to connect, create, and collaborate with other fellow team members. It provides productive and collaborative features meeting all the work-related requirements of the team. Google Workplace provides flexible and beneficial business collaboration solutions for changing the way of working. It provides tools that are most useful for remote teams.


Microsoft Teams:

 It is another known chat-based workspace in Microsoft Office. It brings team members together in a virtual space, allowing them to connect via messaging, content sharing, and collaborating features. It offers notable features like file sharing, notification, mobile applications, web applications, integrations, etc. Along with this, it also offers live chats, audio-video conferencing, scheduling, and recording options to its users. Microsoft Teams is compatible with both mobile applications and desktop applications. 


Webex App:

Webex App is another all-in-one solution for calling, meeting, and messaging on one platform for a team. Its seamless collaborations provide an engaging, inclusive, and immersive experience across any location on any device. Webex App lets users connect via computer, tablet, and mobile phones. 

This online platform enables you to minimize the switching of applications through its bi-directional integration with other known business apps. Users can also lower the background noise distractions and can enhance their voice.

This platform also allows attendees to share their reactions with animated emojis. Its gesture recognition feature allows the attendees to record their expressions without saying a single word. It offers many other features like Q&A and polling to keep attendees engaged. 

Along with the virtual venue, this platform also allows you to customize the content of the webinars. It allows users to remove the language barrier with its real-time language translator. 

Other features include a breakout room, automatic transcription, live chats, notes, and highlights.


Rocket Chat:

Rocket Chat is another online platform providing solutions for an open-team chat application. It offers many different features like audio-video conferencing to connect smoothly with the team. Other notable features of Rocket Chat include screen sharing, SSO encryptions of HD audio, and video conferencing. Apart from these features it also provides real-time translation for more than 50 languages. Rocket Chat also enables users for endless customizations.  



This platform was primarily developed as a messaging platform for the team. On Flock, users can share documents, share their screens, and can make video calls with the team members. 

 Flock has integrations with many other applications like Google Analytics, social media accounts, etc. Other features offered by Flock include Unlimited history of chatting, integration with other apps like Google Drive, Trello, Bitbucket, Dropbox, etc., and multiple business features like reminders and polls. With Flock, users can also manage their mailing list, and with that, users can send emails to all the team members in one go.



If you want to access the history of your chats and messaging, then Chanty can do this best for you. Features of Chanty include an instant access button to track records of the entire history, and a quick keyword to highlight a team member.

Apart from this, Chanty also allows you to turn any message into your task. This platform also supports the integration of third-party apps like google drive, Twitter, and bitbucket, etc. Chanty also offers voice chat, voice calling, and screen sharing.

Chanty has an AI-based powerful feature that automatically suggests the best answers for a message. Hence ultimately saves your time from typing out long messages.

As we all know communication is the key to the success of a personal as well as a professional career. So, it is very crucial to select the right platform for communicating with a team member. And in this blog, we have given you many options that can be used as an alternative to Slack.  

So, you can select one among the online platforms according to your requirement.  


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