Promote iOS Application on the internet

Promote iOS Application on the internet

You have spent tons of time and money developing your app, now it is finally released on the Apple store. Now that you have that shiny new app sitting in the App Store, how do you get people to download it? Here are some easy ways to promote your iOS app with very little budget.

Create a landing page for your app with screenshots and information

A lot of designers make a page about their apps right away. Then they gather lots of traffic from Pinterest or Reddit or other social media sites where they post their link. But if they don’t spell out exactly what is in the app, why would anyone visit?

Today we will talk about making a marketing page for your iOS application even before you release it to the public.

Let’s say the name of your app is “Coolest Clock in the World” and it displays a unique clock on your screen that you can put skins on. So, let’s write out what the app does:

Your iOS application lets you change the color and design of your iPad or iPhone clock so that it matches with whatever background you are using. There are hundreds of custom clocks to choose from for free!

This will be your landing page. You can add screenshots of what the app looks like when open (make sure they’re very high quality), logos, FAQs, prices, etc. All this information will entice people to go download it in iTunes right away without having even seen or heard about it before.

Use social media to promote your app, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There are tons of free sites where you can advertise your iOS application without spending any money! Sites like Reddit and Pinterest allow users to post links on their site which is perfect for sharing your own app. There are even ways to do it on Facebook WITHOUT paying money (see below). The easier you make it for people to share information about your app the more likely they will want to advertise it as well!

Run ads on Facebook or Google Adwords

Facebook has an amazing feature that allows advertisers to have a Tailored Audience who will see the ad based on interests and demographics. If someone is cooking, then an advertisement for your recipe app will show up in that person’s feed. If someone just spent money on the Apple Watch, then they are likely to download your watch-face app if you advertise it right!

You can either pay Facebook per advertisement or set a budget for daily ads. There are also options to have an ad run forever until it is canceled.

Submit an article about your application to sites like Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed does not accept submissions for articles but they do post articles related to the cause of their readers! What this means is that when you submit something, you should make sure that it matches with one of their categories (such as “funny” or “technology”). This way when people are browsing through headlines, yours might stand out. Just make sure that it is interesting!

Add links to your website or blog that are specific to the iOS version of the site/blog

For example, if you have a tumblr you can submit an ios link on their iphone app section so people who don’t even care about Tumblr will see your post and hopefully go download your app! This also works for blogs that have multiple sections like tech or iPhone apps or productivity etc. You could write an article about how creating deadlines helps you be more productive with “Coolest Clock in the World” and put it on your blog’s homepage so everyone can see it.


We hope you’ve found this blog post valuable in helping to promote your app. If you’re looking for more help, let us know! Contact one of our experts today to learn how we can create a successful strategy that will drive downloads and revenue. Let’s get started together so you don’t have to do it alone!


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