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Read This Before Buying External Helium Hotspot Antenna for Maximum Range

Who wouldn’t like a source of passive income in this economic situation? As inflation is getting on our nerves and our savings, having an extra source of income is crucial. Crypto doesn’t need any introduction. Though investment in Crypto is common these days.

But it is hard to find the one that gives you the best ROI. However, one of the major cryptos that are giving the best profit these days is Helium. Just get the hotspot and helium hotspot antenna for better connectivity and you are good to go. Right now, the helium network is relatively new but it is giving you the best investment rate right now. Here is what you need to know about helium.

What Is Helium Anyway?

Helium is the IOT-based wireless network and it is one of the fastest-growing Lora networks right now globally. Helium offers coverage as a network that can be a transforming situation for crypto miners. With the adaptation of IoT devices that require constant wireless connectivity so deploying HNT hotspots that also work as miners would be heavily beneficial for the owner of the hotspot. 

If you want to earn with helium then you will need to get the helium hotspot such as cotx helium miner and deploy it to provide the maximum coverage. If you deployed the hotspot correctly then you will be rewarded by the helium blockchain network with the HNT tokens or cryptocurrency. There are several ways to increase the earning potential for HNT miners.

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Placement of Hotspot

This is one of the major considerations to increase the earning potential of the HNT. The location of the Hotspot plays an important role to provide better and unique coverage. Make sure that the hotspot location is distant enough from another miner. The location should be “unique” which means there shouldn’t be any interruption with another helium hotspot.

The Hotspot Coverage

The helium miner antenna used with the Hotspot and its elevation from the ground will determine the coverage area of the antenna.

Having this information in mind, let’s explore more about better earning with helium miner accessories such as antennas.

Why A Helium Miner Antenna Is Important?

Just like any hotspot, the antennas in HNT miners which also work as the Hotspots play an important role to determine the coverage of the wireless signals. However, some hotspots such as Panther X2 Miner come with a rather stronger antenna but for indoor usage, they may not work better outside (depending on the environment) you can expect “10 miles or more” in more miles, and 1-3 miles in dense areas.

However, if you add an external helium antenna with the stock antenna, then you can increase greatly the radio waves which can be as high as 10x. But it is the placement of the antenna that matters a lot. Mount it high with low-loss cables for prominent results.

Most of the external antennas are Omni direction. This means that the signals that come out from the antennas will come out donut-shaped. However, the shapes of the signals depend on the rating of dBi and gains. You may get different shapes.

Placement Of Antenna

One of the most overlooked elements in HNT mining is the Antenna placement. However, there isn’t any hard secrete behind it. Placing the antennas is a sure element to expect some bigger reward with HNT mining. It is always recommended to place your helium miner antenna at the highest possible place. This is because the antenna shouldn’t be affected by the potential obstructions.

Just like a lightbulb at night emitting light at a distance. If the light is blocked with anything, even at its highest capacity, no one can see it. If you have found a helium miner antenna and want to use it with your cotx x3 helium hotspot then place it against a wall or in a room with other rooms around (i.e. flats or in a dense suburban area) or any other interruption against it such as trees then the signal will be affected with such blockage. This will happen when the RF signals will run through such objects as well.

Should You Go for Higher DB Antenna?

To get the most from your HNT mining, the coverage and unique location are important. The help of low range antenna is a good option in a dense area of the city whereas the high range antennas are great for the flat country areas where buildings are fewer. To make things simple, low gain antennas are much like a shiny torch that can lightroom but not further than that. Helium hotspot antenna is much like a 9dBi and the lower ones work like a lesser beam that can travel several Km.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that a high-range antenna is better if you want an HNT hotspot available for connection from several miles away.

What Is the Best Crypto Miner?

You can find several helium crypto miners such as cotx x3 helium hotspot, panther x2 miner, or the all-in-one Jasminer X4-C-1U which comes with a higher price tag but the performance is unmatched. However, you should always consider hnt hotspot fast delivery and stock availability. 

Make sure that the helium miner you are about to buy comes with the upgradability as well. It should also be working within your area. Consider buying it from a platform like Andromedacg. They have to offer some of the best helium hotspots that work as miners as well. 

Also, their website comes with the proper product description and FAQs so if you have any common questions to ask, you can check them out or use their contact number directly for quick customer support connections.


HNT mining is a great way to earn passive income. However, the helium hotspots heavily rely on the type of antenna to provide better coverage and connectivity. The better the connection and range are, the more HNT cryptocurrency it can generate.

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