Roopkund journey: Beginners Guide

Brief Description

Roopkund Trek is no doubt the most well known journey in India. Roopkund lies in the lap of Trishul massif and is popular as a result of the many human skeletons found at the edge of the lake. The Roopkund (lake) is situated at an elevation of around 15,800 feet. It is encircled by rock-tossed ice sheets and snow clad mountains, making it a decent traveling objective. 

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The course prompting Roopkund goes through the twin Bugyals of Ali & Bedni. Up & down the Roopkund trail, you get astonishing views on tops like Kedarnath, Neelkantha, Trishul, Chaukhamba, and Nanda Ghunti. The wonderful camping areas of Roopkund journey are a thing of beauty. Roopkund is suggested for experienced adventurers in light of its moderate in addition to trouble level. 


Roopkund’s best time is May – June, and September – October. All that you really want to know like – Roopkund journey course map, agenda, temperature, climate, stature, photographs, and recordings are here on this page. Look as far as possible and peruse some astounding Roopkund journey online journals.


Best Time for Roopkund journey Visit:-


May to October is extraordinary chance to visit this journey, while you can conclude the season as indicated by your inclination


Things to carry on Roopkund Trek on the off chance that you are intending to do autonomously:


Tent, Sleeping sack, Mat, ice hatchet, crampons and ropes (contingent on season)


 Vegetables, Rice, Salt, Tea Premix, beats, Oil, Maggy, Biscuits, Snacks, Chocolates, Dry natural products, Glucose, Multivitamins, and other food supplements.

Vegetables are accessible at Wan/Lohajung and lamp fuel, oil, oven, and so on can be bought or leased also from these spots.

Journeying frill like hiking beds, tents, ice hatchet, crampons, ropes and even shoes are likewise accessible on lease from Wan or Lohajung. Yet, ideally get your own journeying shoes and camping beds as they may not be of good quality

Run of the mill Itineraries for Roopkund Trek: 

People essentially utilize two courses for Roopkund Trek. The primary course starts at Didna while the second starts at Lohajung. No matter what the course you pick, you will get a lot of help from local people along with guides.


First course and Itinerary: 

Wan to Bedni Bugyal to Patal Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak and then, at that point, Bhagwabasa (1 km) – Roopkund Lake.


Days: 4 days and 3 evenings


Wan to Bedni Bugyal to Patal Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak and then, at that point, Bhagwabasa (1 km) – Roopkund Lake.



For the main evening, you will remain in Bedni Bugyal and the following short term visit choice can be Patal Nachauni or Bhagwabasa relying on the accessibility of green cottages, climate, and perseverance level. Subsequent to doing Roopkund, one night from now can be spent at Patal Nachauni or Bedni Bugyal and afterward you can plummet down to Wan next morning.


Second course and Itinerary: 

Lohajung to Didina to Ali bugyal to Bedni Bugyal and then, at that point, Patal Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak and then, at that point, Bhagwabasa and Roopkund Lake.


Days: 6 days and 5 evenings


Agenda: On this course, you will go through the principal night at Didina and afterward follow the timetable referenced for Route one. In the event that you are diving down to Lohajung, this course will add an additional 2 days and evenings.


Numerous adventurers do it in a circle, for example,


Lohajung to Didina and then, at that point, Ali Bugyal to Bedni Bugyal to Patal Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa to Roopkund Lake and while returning re-visitation of Bedni and afterward to Wan.


Number of Days expected for Roopkund Trek: 

It generally relies upon the season when you are journeying and furthermore rely upon your beginning stage.

Convenience and food during journey: 

Independent travelers need to convey their own proportion and eatables. There is an essential cabin at Wan (200 INR each evening) and scarcely any visitor houses in Lohajung who additionally serve nourishment for you on demand. There are a couple of cafés too at Wan and Lohajung.


While you are journeying you can either set up your own shelters or remain in Fiber cottages (approx 300 INR each evening). Fiber hovels are accessible on the path at Bedni Bugyal, Patal Nachni and then some.


Is Roopkund Trek possible without a journey coordinator:

 Yes, Roopkund trip should be possible solo without a journey coordinator. You get guides, doormen, donkeys, journeying pinion wheels, apportion and each and every other fundamental once you arrive at Wan or Lohajung. You can organize everything in the wake of showing up at these base areas and haggle with them.


Ensure that you are in great shape to embrace this journey in view of the great arrangement of force and hardly any precarious trips associated with the whole trip.


Significant Notice: 

High Court restriction on setting up camp in Uttarakhand glades has impacted this journey.


A new High Court request (dated 28th August) has prohibited setting up camp for the time being in the glades of Uttarakhand.


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