Salaries For Computer Programming Jobs

Computer programmers create an online presence for business which makes them an important part of the team of programming. It depends on many things such as experience, job title, geographical location, and many others.

They plays an important role in technology industries and are responsible for testing code that serves as the functional support for web applications and websites, modifying, and creating. A Computer Programming Jobs salary differs from others based on factors like employment status, location, professional development and experience, and others.

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The Actual Work Of Computer Programmers

Computer programmers are responsible for creating video games, ensuring and designing softwares to run mobile applications, creating websites, and online needs of companies. Some of the task of computer programmers may include;

  • Developing new softwares
  • Receiving feedbacks from client for improvement
  • Ensuring projects meet reliability standards, security, and performance
  • Meeting with clients to gauge needs that can results with software tools
  • Writing codes using computer programming language like HTML, Java, Assembly, C++, PHP, Object C, Python, JavaScript, and C#.

Computer programmers may create other code libraries to express their jobs since they may work in many other platforms consisting of OSX, and Windows. In short, they take difficult designs and make the results functional and simple for the user.

How Do I Become A Computer Programmer?

Different paths can lead to becoming a successful computer programmer. If you are disciplined and self directed, you can teach yourself computer programming languages which can lead to a career in Computer Programming Jobs. Some programmers do not have an academic degree or no formal training, but these people may have a natural aptitude for this field.

The second option to become a computer programmer is online specialisation and bootcamps courses that support a similar level of skills as a formal degree with flexibility of learning at your own pace.

Therefore, online courses provide an opportunity for a potential programmer to gain on the job experience to begin to earn money. Specialisation can make it very easy to learn computer languages by focusing on one language at a time.

The third option to become a programmer is to earn a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or any other related course. This is a more formal process to become a programmer. The student will gain experience in testing programs, Writing codes, and fixing errors. You will learn the computer programming languages that may lead to a career, although it is likely that you may need to take continuing education courses to stay up to date with the most modern tools.

Salary Variations And Information

Industry where computer programmers work, salaries can range from one organisation to another organisation. These include job title, location, the level of profession, and employment status. 

Salary And Location

Also, there are many cities and states where these tech professionals are well paid in the US. Places with large corporations also tend to have employment opportunities that may pay their programmers very well. Mostly, employers in the cities and states with high pay with higher cost of living tend to pay more.

The best paying cities for computer programming language with average salary are;

  1. San Jose, California: $113,530
  2. Dallas, Texas: $112,050
  3. Mobile, Alabama: $109,380
  4. San Francisco, California $125,420
  5. Midland, Texas: $119,390

Some states also pay well for programmers salary options. These states and their salary include;

  1. Virginia: $103,150
  2. Texas: $102,650
  3. District of Columbia: $119,010
  4. California: $107,300
  5. Washington: $177,210

Salary And Employment Status

Most programmers work full time and have salaries but many professionals will undertake an internship to gain more knowledge and experience. These internships may or may not be paid, but they can often lead to entry of job employment.

You can find an internship by attending college fairs, or working with an advisor at a local academic institution, and browsing Computer Programming Jobs boards.

Salary And Job Title Variations

The term “computer programmer” can be applied to many different specialised tracks of skills and experience development. Moreover, professionals or people who are qualified to work as programmers may work for other advertised positions as well.

Job titles with overlapping skills sets includes;

  • Java developer
  • Analyst computer programmer
  • Internet programmer
  • Web designer
  • Application programmer analyst
  • Computer programmer analyst
  • Web applications programmer

These job titles and others can result in salary differences. Here are the average annual salaries of other different types ofComputer Programming Jobs in the United States;

  • Web application programmers: $111,935
  • Java developer: $107,113
  • Web programmer: $113,301
  • Analyst programmer: $107,346

Professional Development

Learning new computer programming languages and best industry practices can make a resume more attractive to more competitive employers. Hence, one of the best ways a computer programmer can enhance earning potential is through professional development.

What Do Computer Programmers Do?

Computer Programming Jobs are salaried workers that operate in a variety of businesses. They often work in offices and develop, design, debug, troubleshoot, and maintain the source code for various computer applications. Additionally, they make sure that all source code is written in computer-computable programming languages so that consumers can use the programmes. Additionally, they have the option to modify software that they have purchased from vendors.

It may be necessary for computer programmers to collaborate with suppliers to test and approve their goods. Computer programmers must be familiar with computer algorithms and application domains. The programmes they create must be documented, and the documentation should include graphs, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, comments in the code, and revision dates.

For this role, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology (IT), or a similar discipline is often necessary, as well as previous work experience. However, some employers might prefer candidates with a master’s degree and research experience. Strong written and verbal communication skills are also crucial for computer programmers, as are in-depth knowledge of Java/Java EE, C, C++, C#,.NET, Java Script, and other programming languages relevant to the position. They must be able to collaborate well with others and continuously learn new programming languages and technologies as they emerge. Others might be required to attend relevant lectures, workshops, or conferences, travel to the offices of vendors or clients, or mentor and educate new computer programmers.


Some computer programmers learn other languages to be proficient in code stacking in order to increase their salary. These computer program developers have even greater earning potential, with an average annual salary of $107,582. Furthermore, for life-long learners willing to continue professional development, there can be many lucrative opportunities for them.

Increasing your salary as a computer programmer is possible in so many ways such as considering a career move to a new employer that is willing to pay a higher salary, change of employer, gaining an advanced degree, and level of education.