South Dakota’s Newest Marijuana Dispensary Today

When it comes to managing chronic illnesses, you might think about marijuana. In South Dakota, medical cannabis products are legal to use by qualified patients. The State administrated medical marijuanas South Dakota program, has revealed certain laws in this regard. First, the use of weed is only legal for medical purposes. Secondly, not everyone is eligible to use cannabis products in SD. Therefore, one must fulfill the predetermined eligibility criteria to make unhindered use of medical marijuana. Being a patient of chronic illness, you must go through the legal process of obtaining SD cannabis.

Meet the certification requirements

In South Dakota, you can only use cannabis products that are derived from hemp with less than 0.3%. These products are available to buy in the South Dakota dispensaries. However, these places are limited in numbers but are soon to be improved. So, you can get the facility to obtain cannabis products for medical use. But first, you must meet your certification requirements by consulting a medical expert. You would have to obtain a written certification for the use of medical weed. Only a practicing doctor who is associated with medical cannabis program can provide this certification.

So, you must consult with the doctor using a telemedicine service to find one near your location. You must carry your medical records and proof of previous treatments. The expert will evaluate whether your condition is right to cure with cannabis or not. If so, you will be provided with certification for medical marijuana in SD.

Apply for the MMJ card

Next, you need to focus on your application for the MMJ card in South Dakota. Remember, this is an important card that can hold your right to buy medical cannabis in SD. So, you must not forget to apply it by following the right path. The medical marijuanas South Dakota law states that you can apply for the card the same day of receiving certification. So, get your application form completed along with required documents like residence proof, driving license, and doctor’s certification. Now, you can fax, mail, or physically submit your application to FSST. This is Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, the only active dispensary today in SD. Thus, if your application is approved by the SD cannabis control commission, you can get the MMJ card.

Receive your card

It is important to note that FSST will review your application before approving it. So, if your application lacks a required document, it could be denied outright. So, you must take caution while arranging the documents accordingly. If your application is approved, you have to pay the fee of 50$ for the SD MMJ card. This card will help you obtain cannabis from South Dakota dispensaries without any obstruction. You can find a wide array of cannabis products in the marijuana dispensaries. Raw flowers, edibles, tinctures, oil, and gummies are available in these dispensaries.

Why should you get a marijuanas card in South Dakota?

Safety and legitimacy

Using marijuana is a natural way to manage several chronic illnesses. The natural healing properties of cannabis can help with treating many ailments without producing side effects. But cannabis products are not available to be sold openly in the markets. Therefore, medical marijuanas South Dakota law is in regulation. It states that having a card will keep you protected from any legal action by the officials. It will sustain your identification as a qualified medical marijuana patient. Moreover, you can have wider access to the SD dispensaries where you can get genuine cannabis products.

Seek right treatment

A medical marijuana card is helpful for patients to seek the right treatment for illnesses. There are many illnesses like PTSD, chronic pain from cancer, Glaucoma, etc., which are qualified. So, having a card would allow you to treat these illnesses with medical marijuana. It enables you to get the right treatment for the illnesses as you can avoid the risky and addictive use of opioids. They can help you in managing the side effects of cancer. But can lead to shocking ends such as addiction and death as well.


Having medical marijuana card in SD will also approve you to cultivate cannabis at home. You will be able to cultivate three cannabis plants inside your property.

To sum up

You can dwarf the risk of any illegal possession of cannabis in SD by obtaining the card. The procedure for obtaining an MMJ card is really simple. The legal process is clearly mentioned by the medical marijuanas South Dakota program. So, you just need to follow the provided instructions to complete the process easily. It helps you to be a legal user of cannabis to enjoy its natural healing benefit for health.

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