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Start Living Today! Hormone Therapy For Men

The idea of hormone therapy for men has been limited and costly. The advent of bio-identical testosterone pellets now enables you to easily feel invigorated, renewed or youthful functioning throughout your entire life without any daily applications! Placed painlessly under the skin this new form will restore deficient levels back into when in mid thirties at “biologic age” where there is no deficiency – meaning they can maintain a youthful quality all day long with no side effects whatsoever?

hormone replacement therapy has been focused on women when they lose their fertility and need hormones to function normally again. The “change” usually happens quickly, but with men it’s a different story; the decline in testosterone levels occurs over an extended period time where symptoms such as reduced sex drive or energy level may develop before things get worse — if left untreated these developments could lead into more serious problems like depression/lethargy which will make daily life difficult at best!

What Are The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men?

  • Enhance sexual desire and function.
  • Body fat should be reduced and lean body mass should be increased.
  • Improve memory while reducing irritation and moodiness.
  • Increase your endurance and exercise capability.
  • Reduce the symptoms of inflammation, such as joint pain.
  • Increase personal and professional productivity, creativity, and order.
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When you schedule your visit, lab forms for the blood work required before starting hormone replacement treatment are normally sent. Men must have had a normal prostate exam within the last six months. If you don’t already have one, your doctor will refer you to one.

When the lab work is finished, your doctor will go over everything with you to make sure you’re a good candidate for replacement therapy. Often, the treatment can be completed the same day. This is the painless implantation of natural bioidentical testosterone pellets beneath the buttocks’ skin.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men And Women

The changes that occur in men as they age can be just as challenging to deal with, and sometimes more so than those experienced by women. A midlife crisis is something many people imagine happening only at this point of life’s passage; however it may not always come until after you’ve passed your prime – which brings us back full circle! There are certain issues specific only towards males such anhropause or Male Menopause caused by diminished testosterone levels due either disease/injury–or even lack thereof (LH surgar). This condition affects both male AND female clients who seek therapy via HRT.

The benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy are well known to those who suffer from deficiency or excesses in hormones. This therapy can help men as it does women, but there’s one key difference: unlike female patients who must take synthetic versions made by pharmaceutical companies and often come with terrible side effects (such increased risk for cancer), “natural” alternatives like wild yam flour have been shown not only safe but effective too!

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