Different people may have different kinds of hair loss concerns. Before choosing the perfect treatment type, hair care experts at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh, recommend to first pin down the major reasons for such a loss.  

Hair loss is a common problem faced by men and women across all age groups, and getting it treated has become the need of the hour, instead of playing the waiting game. Hair fall is one of the major reasons why people often go to salons to seek expert’s advice and get the relevant treatments. It is an alarming call not only for the old age group people, but also for middle-aged individuals and teenagers. Delaying the treatment may lead to further misbehaved hair care routine.

“Hair loss is not always a genetic problem”, says Vishnu, hair treatment expert at Noir salon, Punjabi Bagh. For getting the right treatment, one needs to first identify the various causes of hair loss. Different people may have different kinds of hair loss concerns. So, before choosing the perfect treatment type, experts recommend to first pin down the major reasons for such a loss.

  • Scalp care for a healthy hair

Hair growth starts from the roots, therefore scalp care is a must have for healthy hair. Dandruff and itchy scalp are the major reasons for dull and damaged hair. Oiling, hair spa, etc., are some of the ways that stimulate hair regrowth by enlargement of hair follicle.

  • Excessive stress levels

Stress and hair loss have a deep connection. It upholds the continuous blood flow to supporting organs and muscles in the body, including the scalp, thus reducing the hair growth. Regular exercise, meditation and healthy diet are the key factors to control stress level in the body and restoring hair growth.

  • Severe medications

You can never go against the trend of taking medications for treating serious medical conditions. As a result of this, hair growth might slow down or you may experience an increased hair loss. But taking good hair cure simultaneously by having regular nutritious diet, yoga, stress management and hair growth treatments may balance the situation and maintain the hair consistency.

  • Heat styling and chemical products

Blow dryers or other hair styling products may bring a smile on your face for making your hair look bouncy and trendy, but are they really healthy? Excessive heat and application of chemical products sucks natural moisture and luster from the hair, making them brittle and more prone to damage.

  • Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in the body is the most common cause of hair fall, especially among women. Pregnancy or PCOS make a woman’s hair lighter and thin, hence leading to hair damage. Under such conditions, it is advised to consult hair experts for suitable medications and other kind of treatments.

  • Lack of hair care

Neglecting your hair care amid the routine lifestyle is one of the major causes of concern for an increased hair fall. Internal and external nourishments are a must have for strong and healthy hair. Noir salon has all the latest technology, equipment and hair treatment experts to help you have a strong, shiny and healthy hair.

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