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Tabby Cat Lifespan: How Long Do Tabby Cats Live?

The tabby cats are a wonderful and friendly pet! All cat lovers agree that tabbies are a wonderful addition to any home. Tabbies are a popular choice for pets due to their gorgeous coats and their playful, infectious personalities.

You’ve found the right place if you are considering adopting a tabby cat or simply love cats. To find out the lifespan of tabby cats and what you can expect from them at each stage in their lives, we’ll be exploring the tabby life span.

What is the average lifespan of tabby cats?

Tabby cats can live for between 12-18 years on average. This is a long life span compared to outdoor cats. The average lifespan of cats who live on the streets is 2-5 years. Because of the many dangers that cats face outside, this is possible. These hazards include being hit by a car, or being attacked by a dog and other large prey.

Some of the eldest cats have been tabbies. “Creme Puff,” which lived to 38, was a tabby, while “Puss,” who lived to 36, was a tabby. Puss was named the oldest cat in the Guinness Book of World Records 1990 edition. Creme Puff, however, was more than Puss and his Guinness World Record was modified to reflect this.

Two factors are key to the longevity of a tabby cat. Your care and breeding of your tabby cat. The key to a long and happy life is taking good care of your tabby cat. Do check out tabby cat names ideas.

Let’s now look at the tabby cat’s life cycle.

The Average Tabby Cat’s Life Cycle

Tabby cats, like other breeds, are divided into four life stages: kittens to young adults, mature adults to senior, and older.

Let’s take a look at each stage of life in more detail.


From birth to one year old, the tabby cat can be considered a kitten. The tabby cat’s newborn stage is the most sensitive and delicate. The tabby kitten will be the most energetic in the first 3 to 6 months of its life. Play is where kittens learn best, and this stage is when they will need lots of stimulation.

Young Adult

Tabby cats reach their young adult stage between 6 and 6 years old. The tabby cat will begin to reach sexual maturity at this age. They may play less than when they were kittens. It is important to make sure they are eating protein-rich foods during this period. You should also consider fixing the tabby to prevent any unwanted or harmful behavior.

Mature Cat

Between 7-10 years of age, the mature stage occurs. The mature stage is when your cat’s play activity starts to decrease and he/she is more likely to gain weight. It is tempting to assume that your tabby is still healthy and young at this stage. A cat year is the equivalent of four human years. However, there can be a lot that happens. Regular check-ins with your vet are essential during this stage of life to prevent illness.

Senior Cat

The senior cat stage, which is the last stage in a tabby cat’s life cycle, is called “senior cat stage”. This stage starts when the tabby cat turns 11 years old. Regular vet visits are essential at this stage of the cat’s life cycle. Your veterinarian may recommend that senior cats switch to senior cat food. This will help with any digestive problems they might have. Senior cats may not be playful depending on their breed, preferring to snuggle and lounge.


As we found out with our two oldest tabbies Creme Puff (and Puss), tabby cats can live a very long life. It is important to ensure your cat gets the best care and food.

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