The Best Residential Proxy Providers In 2022

In this article, we discuss some of the best residential proxy providers and help you pick the right one from many available options.

What’s The Deal With Proxies?

Proxies have been around for a long time, with the first ones starting to appear on the internet in the 1990s. Back then, they were used mostly by corporations and large businesses, but in recent years they’ve become more popular among regular users as well. One of the main reasons why proxies are becoming so popular is because they allow their users to browse anonymously and protect their identity while surfing online. However, there are other uses such as bypassing geographical restrictions or firewalls that block certain websites from being accessed outside of their country (for example, certain Netflix content is only available to its users within United States borders).

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the best for a few reasons, but the main one is that they offer more privacy than business proxies. If you’re looking for a way to stay anonymous when browsing the web, residential proxies will help you do that. They also have better uptime and faster connection speeds than most other types of proxy servers.

Compared to business or anonymous proxies, residential proxies aren’t as difficult or expensive to get started using. This makes them ideal if you want fast performance at an affordable price without paying extra monthly fees like some other types of proxy providers may charge.

Residential VPNs (virtual private networks) can be used as either a proxy provider or something else entirely—it all depends on how much control you want over your data traffic while accessing websites online!

How to Choose the Right Residential Proxies

There are several factors to consider when choosing residential proxies. If you’re in the market for residential proxies, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose proxies that are close to your target audience. You want your website or app to appear as if it’s hosted in the same country as your user base. If you’re targeting users in America and Europe, it makes sense to use US and EU residential proxies (note: these go by different names depending on who you talk with).
  • Choose reliable and stable residential proxies. Make sure they have fast speeds, high uptimes, and affordable prices so you can get the most out of them over time.
  • Choose easy-to-use residential proxies too! There’s nothing worse than needing help from a customer service agent just so you can get an account up and running—or having trouble managing multiple accounts on one network or platform—so make sure any platform or software has everything necessary for success without any headaches along the way!

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Best Residential Proxies For Business

1. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is a US-based residential proxy provider that makes its home in the state of Utah. This means that if you’re living there, or anywhere else in the United States, you can use Storm Proxies to make your life easier when it comes to buying proxies.

Storm Proxies offers a free trial and then several plans for purchase. The free trial lasts for 30 days and allows users to test out the service before making any commitment. The paid plans start at $5 per month for 500 unique IP addresses with unlimited bandwidth usage, up to $100 per month for 10,000 unique IP addresses with unlimited bandwidth usage (though this plan also includes an SSL certificate).

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2. Bright Data

Bright Data is a premium residential proxy provider. They’ve been around for 10 years and have earned the trust of major brands such as Amazon, KFC and Walmart.

Bright Data’s IPs are private, secure, trusted and reliable. They are also fast because they use advanced technology to distribute their IPs across multiple servers around the world.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a residential proxy provider based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s one of the oldest and most reliable proxy providers on the market. Smartproxy has over 20 years of experience and it offers access to over 30 different countries around the world.
Smartproxy was founded back in 1999 by a group of university students who were looking for an alternative way to access blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube at school or work. Since then they’ve expanded their network to include servers all around the world including America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

4. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a residential proxy provider based in United States. The company offers both HTTP/HTTPS and HTTPS/HTTPS proxies, which means that the user is able to use both HTTP and HTTPS websites through their proxies. This is useful for SEO purposes, as you can use Google Search Console (GSC) with HTTP or HTTPS proxies, depending on what you prefer. GeoSurf has a large number of IP addresses that make up its network of residential proxy servers. GeoSurf offers over 2 million unique IPs in their network!

5. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a residential proxy provider with an expansive network of proxies, an excellent customer service team, and a pricing model that works well for most people. They also provide good uptime and speed, not to mention plenty of variety in their proxies.

6. Soax

Soax is a proxy provider that offers residential proxies in multiple countries. They have over 140,000 IPs in their network and are one of the few providers that can offer both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Their services include shared, dedicated, SSL-encrypted and SOCKS5 proxies. Soax has a good reputation for being reliable, fast and affordable. They also have a very good customer service team standing by 24/7 to help you with any issues or concerns you may have regarding your account or service usage. Finally, they offer a money back guarantee as well as a 7 day free trial period so you can try them out risk-free before committing to anything longer term.

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Best Residential Proxy Providers In 2022: Conclusion

There you have it—our list of the best residential proxy providers. As you can see, there is a lot to weigh when deciding which provider is best for your needs. We’ve tried to outline what each of these providers offers, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide which one will work best for your situation. Hopefully this article will point you in the right direction and give you some insight into the very murky world of residential proxies. Good luck!

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