You might have heard the term “entourage effect” before, but what exactly does this mean, and what products can help you achieve this effect? The entourage effect is actually a term that relates to cannabis products, and there is one product that stands out among the rest for its health and recreational benefits – solventless concentrate. Solventless concentrate California-made products, and products made in other states, can help you unwind, relax, and also avoid the negative health effects of other types of concentrates.

What are Solventless Concentrates?

These are concentrates that are made using only methods of heat, pressure, ice and water. During the process of creating solventless concentrates, flowers are frozen immediately, preserving the valuable terpenes inside of them. These terpenes are associated with a wealth of health benefits including anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer properties.

After the flowers are frozen, solventless concentrates are made by applying powerful pressures to these flowers, creating a pure concentrated oil-like substance that is hardened and later smoked.

How Can They Help Achieve the Entourage Effect?

Because the terpenes in solventless concentrates are preserved, instead of burned like in regular solvent-based concentrates, you can enjoy all the health benefits of the terpene in addition to the psychoactive effects of THC. THC levels can be as high as 80% in solventless concentrates. This makes the entourage effect, which is the perfect balance of recreational and health use, completely achievable with solventless concentrates.

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