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The Essential Guide to Amazon Seller Central

Starting your journey on Amazon and getting to know the details of selling on Amazon for the first time isn’t easy. However, Amazon Seller Central is the best place to go for people looking to sell their products on Amazon to start their journey.

Seller Central simplifies the process of becoming an eCommerce retailer, by offering the following:

  • Payments
  • Design and maintenance of websites
  • Resolving Returns

They are streamlined to the point of no recognition. Furthermore, Amazon offers other services like FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon that for cost, allows you to forward your inventory at one of the fulfillment centers Amazon has, giving them the responsibility of taking charge of storage, shipping/handling, and returns. 

What can you expect to gain from Amazon Seller Central

When using Amazon Seller Central you want to get the most benefit from your use and minimize the harm you can cause your company. Here are a few things I would recommend that you do:

1. Check that your listings

Your listings could be selling top-quality products that are available however if the design of your listing photos, text, and images are of poor quality, you won’t get very far.

  • The first step is to create an attractively organized and designed.
  • After that, make sure your images on the listing are of good quality. You can use a camera with a neutral backdrop (black or white) or be noticed by using blurred backgrounds and ensuring that your product remains at the center of attention.
  • Presentation of your product can go far in a world where sight is one of the most important senses.
  • When it comes to your title, make sure to include crucial descriptive terms such as make, model color, size, and make (when appropriate). Also, you might want to do some study and include some of your top category terms as the algorithm used by Amazon’s A9ranks the results of this aspect, in addition to others.
  • The description of the item must be correct, including the information about the product and tell the story of your brand. 
  • If you’re selling to travelers, make sure to reflect their lifestyle expectations in your description of the product. Remember that people buy desires, hopes, or ideals and not items!
  • Make sure you include all product information in the description, including the manufacturer, condition of the product size, color, and condition. Make sure to include this information or some of it is already within the description.
  • The reason for this is to allow the algorithm of Amazon to find your products and to allow shoppers to discover them through relevant searches These items must be properly labeled.

2. Learn to comprehend business metrics. 

One of the benefits that you can enjoy with Amazon Seller Central is that it allows you to can access KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators gathered for all of your business operations (in the section ‘Reports’ within Seller Central). 

It is important to learn to read and analyze these metrics so that you can gain knowledge from both past and present trends to improve your business processes in the future. The most important metrics you should be considering include:

  • The number of people who have looked at a specific product.
  • The quantity of merchandise sold.
  • What do you think of your conversion rate? that is, how many “window shoppers’ completed a purchase.
  • Amazon PPC (or Pay Per Click) reports, are an integral component of Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Marketing Services.
  • Sales reports.
  • Returns on products metrics.
  • Review from customers.

Keep in mind these issues by using Amazon Seller Central and whenever you observe a drastic change in any of these metrics You must investigate the reason why this occurred and then figure out the best way to fix it.

3. Utilize the Amazon Seller Central tools 

Go to Amazon’s Seller Central Help page where you will find a wide range of information to aid you in becoming the most successful self on Amazon. 

There are numerous articles covering topics ranging from understanding how you can manage returns to how to write a proper product description. You can also take advantage of the Amazon forums specifically designed for this purpose. Amazon forums to begin discussions on something that isn’t clear to you or to find the answer to your query from the previous thread.

4. Maintain a close eye on inventory levels. 

To be able to enjoy the game you must be physically present. This won’t occur if your inventory levels are not well controlled. 

This is because Amazon does not display listings that are out of inventory in its search results. It is essential to make the synchronization of inventory the top priority for you to get the most out of the Amazon Central Seller Account.

5. Give the best customer support available 

Shoppers all over the world, but particularly on Amazon are expecting outstanding customer support. 

Find out more about Amazon seller support.

Make use of the Seller Central feature of your Seller Central as a tool to increase the customer’s confidence in your business by answering questions promptly and processing refunds and returns in the quickest time possible. 

If you choose to go for Amazon’s FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon that is, of course, you don’t need to handle customer support and returns, shipping costs, and so on, but remember that this comes with an additional cost.

6. You should think about using marketing campaigns. 

An excellent way to improve your Amazon Seller Central experience and the performance of your product to that end is to use AMS as well as Amazon Marketing Services. 

You can make use of advertising campaigns such as Amazon PPC (also known as pay Per Click campaign – you bid on certain keywords and then your product is displayed next to the keywords you bid on when they are looked up on Amazon. 

The advantage of PPC as outlined in the title itself is that you pay Amazon for each time a potential purchaser clicks on your advertisement. You can pick the keywords manually or use the automated option offered by Amazon. 

In either situation, you’ll have to utilize the method of trial and error that is accepted with Google Ads – you try the same set of keywords with listings copy, then you try repeat until you are satisfied with the conversion rate.

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