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The Evolving Nicki Minaj at the Video Music Awards, From Pink Wigs to a Real-Life Golden Throne

Investigate the Video Here. a recipient of the Vanguard award’s journey over the years

About Nicki Minaj

A advertisement for the 2010 Video Music Awards that concentrated on Nicki Minaj included a voiceover that stated, “Ever since she was tiny, she dreamed of ruling the world of rap.” That was the year that she made her very first appearance at the awards event. When she gave a performance of her first single, titled “Your Love,” as well as a duet with titled “Check It Out” during the pre-show. This was a significant achievement at a crucial juncture in the beginning of her ascending career.

After more than a decade has passed, Minaj has solidified her position as a rap queen. Who is also known for pushing the boundaries of the visual landscape. These accomplishments will be recognized when she is presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2022 Video Music Awards on August 28. This award recognizes her significant impact on popular culture and music over the course of her career. After she took over the Oculus in New York City in 2018.

She will also play live at this year’s show for the first time in four years. This will be her first live performance since 2014. During the course of her career at the Video Music Awards, Nicki Minaj has been nominated for a total of 17 honors, five of which she has won, including awards for Best Female Artist and Best Hip-Hop. This year, she is once again being considered for the award for Best Hip-Hop Performance. This time with Lil Baby for their smash duet “Do We Have a Problem?”

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and examine the progression of Nicki Minaj’s performances at the Video Music Awards in the next section.

2010: Check her out

Minaj made her first appearance at the Video Music Awards during the pre-show in 2010, and she did so in typical flair by sporting eye-catching hot pink hair. She was nominated for her first Video Music Award that year for Best New Artist for her performance of “Massive Attack,” and she made sure to claim ownership of the stage. Her performance with before the show was out of this world. It included pink smoke, the rapper’s groovy sci-fi dances, and battle-ready lyrics.

2011: First Nicki on the Moon (Person)

She wore a purple diamond-encrusted dress with a pink tutu and a knotted pink-yellow beehive, and she accented her look with a face mask years before it became a safety imperative to do so. Additionally, she wore a face mask when she stepped on the red carpet while wearing a beehive hairstyle. Even though the rapper did not provide a performance at this year’s Video Music Awards, it was still a night to remember as she took the main stage to accept her first Moon Person award for Best Hip-Hop Video.

“I will never forget the time that I was awarded for ‘Super Bass,'” “Minaj revealed this information to MTV News the following year. “I had reached the stage where I never won anything, so at that time I would just go to award events to wear gorgeous outfits since there was nothing else for me to do.” When they finally announced my name, my first thought was, “Is this some kind of joke?” What? Is this event truly taking place?’ That will go down as one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. Simply hearing my name and being taken aback by the reaction was one of the most exciting experiences of my professional life.

2012: A girl on fire

At the 2012 Video Music Awards, Nicki Minaj gave her first performance on the main stage of the ceremony. She and Alicia Keys surprised the audience by singing a duet of “Girl on Fire.” That evening, the rapper was presented with an award for Best Female Video (“Starships”), and she also made an appearance onstage with fellow Young Money rappers Drake and Lil Wayne while the latter two were accepting an award for Best Hip-Hop Video (“HYFR”) for their video.

2014: She came… and she gave it to you

She referenced her choreography-heavy performance of her classic song of the year, “Anaconda,” which she did while wearing a gorgeous snakeskin bodycon mini-dress when she returned to the VMA stage in 2014. This performance took place in 2014. However, it wasn’t the end of it. Minaj performed a hat trick by also accompanying Ariana Grande and Jessie J onstage for the latter two artists’ hit hip-hop song “Bang Bang” (just following the conclusion of “Anaconda,” no less). Later on, she collaborated with Usher on the funky song “She Came II Give It II U,” during which she wore another another costume and provided a guest verse.

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2015: What’s good?

Minaj kicked off the main program of the 2015 Video Music Awards with a blazing performance of “Trini Dem Girls,” complete with graphics that were inspired by Africa and a crimson attire. Following that, Taylor Swift joined the rapper while wearing a sparkly dress that matched his own for “The Night Is Still Young,” and the two of them later duet on “Bad Blood.”

Nicki later won the title for Best Hip-Hop Video for “Anaconda,” but after winning the prize, she surprised the globe by publicly calling out Miley Cyrus, who had hosted the Video Music Awards that year. “And now, returning to this whore who was quite vocal in her criticism of me in the press the other day, I would like to say the following: “she gave the order to fire, but not before giving one of the most memorable highlights and memes in pop culture. “Miley, how are you doing?”

2016: Side by side with Ariana, again

Minaj came on the white carpet wearing a royal blue gown designed by Bao Tranchi. Although she had difficulties walking in the gown. She was able to do it with the support of personnel as well as her boyfriend. At the time, Meek Mill. In another photo, the couple is shown posing together in a sweet hug.

Meanwhile, inside Madison Square Garden, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande reunited for the first time since 2016. To perform together at the Video Music Awards. They helped put the reggae-inspired popular song “Side to Side” to life while wearing pinkalicious outfits that matched each other. This extremely physical performance was one for the record books thanks to the star power of the performers. As well as a fleet of exercise bikes, two huge fishnet-covered legs, and a squad of lifting beefcakes. Or even the gyms.

2017: Swishing with Katy Perry

It was the only time Minaj wore pink, it was a crop top and slacks made of pink leather. She wore on the blue carpet. During the main act, she got her head in the game when she revolved from a gigantic basketball. While rapping in an attire inspired by referees for their performance of “Swish Swish” with Katy Perry. Another one to add to the collection.

2018: A golden medley of hits

Nicki Minaj made her most recent appearance at the Video Music Awards in 2018. Donning an ensemble designed by Virgil Abloh for his streetwear brand. Off-White, along with a pair of Yeezy PVC ankle strap sandals. The Queen, who had in fact recently released her album with the same name. Took home her most recent VMA win for “Chun-Li” in the category of Best Hip-Hop Video during the evening’s festivities.

She performed a golden medley of her classics including “Majesty,” “Barbie Dreams,” and “Ganja Burn,”. She lived up to the title of the show by doing so.”Fefe” at the Oculus hub located in the World Trade Center in New York City. The stage design was definitely befitting of a queen, with golden unicorns and enormous wings. Serving as a backdrop for her as she spit bars. The only question that needs answering is this: in 2022, how will Nicki Minaj cap out her career with a performance at the VMAs?