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Printed Custom Boxes: Fifty milliseconds are how long it takes for someone to form an opinion about your brand. These results were published in a Google study. They highlight how critical first impressions are. First impressions are essential in e-commerce, where touchpoints are less than physical retail.

Custom e-commerce packaging is an essential element in gauging the impact of positive impressions. Packaging is the most critical branding element for an e-commerce company’s survival. Packaging promotes repeat customers, facilitates unboxing, and can even transform your product into an entire lifestyle. As we will see, today’s e-commerce clients are looking for a lifestyle.

This is not to suggest that the box’s contents are irrelevant to how you decorate it. The question is how personalizing your packaging design can help you communicate your company’s strengths and differentiate your business. It’s the packaging that makes the first impression on your customers. How do you want that impression to be? Are you merely putting your product in a box? Or is your packaging adding value to your brand?

Best Printed Custom Boxes for your business products

It doesn’t matter if the item has been bought before.

Your sales funnel has been opened, and the consumer has clicked on the big BUY HERE button. You have made your money. It doesn’t matter if designer tube socks arrive in-stock packaging rather than expensive branded packaging.

This dangerously underestimates the power and value of recurring clients. It would be best if you did not compare the price of an envelope with the price of a box branded with your company’s name, but the cost of prospecting new clients versus the value of existing clients.

Building your client base is essential, but it is also expensive. This is not to mention that returning customers spend an average of 67% more than new clients. While printed custom boxes may be more costly in the short term, it is worth considering the long-term impact branded boxes can have on customers.

You may wonder: If I sell a high-quality product that my customer likes, why would they buy again from me? It is not enough to have satisfied customers. Although customers may love your product, they will not remember your brand.

Colours of Mailer Boxes

Enhance your Brand’s First Impression

Your packaging will leave a lasting impression on the contents. Packaging will reflect the product’s experience when it is unpacked and received. Your client will doubt your quality guarantee if the packaging is too cheap. Custom product boxes enhance your brand’s first impression.

Why Branded Packaging is Essential

You don’t have to sell designer tube socks if you pack them in a simple envelope. No matter how comfortable these socks are, a small part of your customer will associate your brand with inexplicable cheapness. Printed Custom boxes will make a lasting impression on your brand.

Trunk Club is one brand that gets this concept perfectly. An online retailer for men and women, has a simple yet elegant design that transforms a cardboard box into a suitcase. Trunk Club adds personal notes to each package to enhance its lasting impression. Every detail of your order feels unique and handcrafted with care.

Apparel Boxes

Appearance on Social Media

You have a product people love and share on social media. How can you increase its visibility? Your brand will always be front and center with printed custom boxes packaging. Recently, we published an article on the YouTube phenomenon of unboxing. These videos contain spoilers, which reveal the contents of the packages. These videos are often viewed over a million times. Customized packaging can have a tremendous reach and return on your investment.

Moreover, custom packaging can help frame your brand. You have little control over how your product is used and presented online. Customers don’t have a style guide or a list of branding rules. You’re giving your clients quality packaging. This will allow them to share the package and provide a guideline for how you should present your products. When designing your packaging, share ability should be a top priority.

The only thing included in each carton is smart typography and the color of the ice cream. It is easy to photograph and very honest, thanks to its simplicity. The packaging is easy to see from the outside. Furthermore, pastel colors indicate that the products are 100% natural and have no artificial flavorings or dyes.

Innovative Brands and Lifestyle

Innovative brands know that consumers are more motivated by impulses than the act of ordering an item from their phone. This act embraces new technologies and more efficient ways of fulfilling wishes.

Successful brands recognize this zeitgeist. Selling a product or a service is not enough. They are selling lifestyles. This is why it’s so essential to have custom-branded packaging. Customers expect more from tube socks today than a comfortable pair of socks. Customers’ purchase of tube socks expresses and celebrates their subculture. They can affirm their membership by purchasing branded boxes or personalized notes.

E-commerce Packaging and Traditional Boxes

We hope you are convinced that branded packaging is essential for your e-commerce store. If you are ready to move on, we recommend exploring the differences between e-commerce packaging and traditional box branding. First, ask yourself if tried-and-true brick-and-mortar packaging techniques can be applied to online retail. The simple answer is no.

Displays are the basis of brick-and-mortar packaging designs. These designs must be distinctive from other brands as quickly and easily. Your standard packaging for men’s razor blades has oversized letters, vivid colors, and overstated graphics. It’s the “Look At Me!” effect. Take a look at me! It works even when you stack it next to 100 other people who do the same thing. Print mailing boxes have many advantages, including presenting your mail more professionally.

While physical retail is constantly in the spotlight, e-commerce’s main packaging principle highlights what the consumer has already decided about.

Custom Boxes with logo

Packaging and E-Commerce Business

Today’s branded packaging design is easier to produce for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. These businesses can upload their designs and use virtual boxes to play with before printing. Companies like Rush Custom Boxes provide tools for this purpose.

Businesses that are just starting do not have to order hugce quantities. Small businesses can order small amounts of rigid boxes and have them shipped directly from their development phase. This reduces the cost. If you have the option to rebrand after launch, this is a good thing.

There are many things to consider when branding and designing your packaging. We’ve already covered some of the basics. We won’t get into the technical details, but we will end with a simple question: How can your product make your customers’ lives easier?

This is what defines your brand’s identity. This difference should guide every aspect of your packaging design. Without this distinction, your designer brand will be nothing more than a pair of socks.

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