If you are asked to choose one of the 2 major types of marketing? Which one would you choose? Will it be digital marketing or digital advertising? Or will you go for conventional or traditional marketing? Both have their own pros and cons. Both have their own specialties and both play an important role in building up a brand or a business. In today’s digital age there is no business that can survive without advertising digitally, therefore it becomes necessary for every business to hire a digital advertising agency

On the other hand, hiring a conventional or traditional agency is equally important. Both combined give the best possible results and grow and expand your business to new levels. You may easily find a creative agency that specializes in digital advertising as well as conventional advertising. Such an agency has experts in both types of marketing techniques. An agency that specializes in both types of marketing and gives all the services for both types of marketing is also called a full-service agency.

Which type of advertising agency is best for your business?

When you are considering hiring a new agency, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making your decision about which agency to choose. We have already established that digital advertising and conventional or traditional advertising both have their own specialty and both work in their own special ways to lift up your business or brand. If you decide to pursue both types of advertising then it is best for you to hire a full-service agency because digital and conventional advertising when combined. Give elevated and better results than when used separately.

If you hire a digital creative agency, they will give you the best possible digital advertisements and their placements will be perfect for the kind of brand or product that you have but you will be missing out on a broader audience. When you want to reach out to a more generic audience a conventional advertising agency is the best option because conventional advertising reaches out to a general audience that is not actively searching for your product like your digital audience.

Similarly, if you hire a conventional or traditional agency you might miss out on a younger audience which is mostly found on digital platforms. Although you will be reaching a greater audience it will be a general audience they will not be specific to your product and also it might cost you a lot more.

Advantages of a digital advertising agency

Audience targeting

A digital advertising agency can create advertisements for different digital platforms, for example, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Media buying experts in a digital agency will then target your advertising specifically to people who are already interested in your brand or the product or service that you offer. When it comes to digital advertising, you can focus your efforts on specific people and you can target them on the basis of their location, age, gender, interests, etc.

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Since a digital creative agency will focus efforts on only the people who are interested in your service or product, the total amount of overall advertising will be comparatively lesser than conventional advertising and you will also be getting more engagement and response upon your advertising because you are not just advertising to a general audience.

Get feedback on your efforts

The digital advertising agency will not just run your advertisements on different platforms but also track their performance through various different software. For example, on Facebook, you can track the performance of your digital posts or your advertisements through a business suite. Such insights and valuable data can give you crucial information about where your business or brand stands among the public. A digital advertising agency can therefore provide you a clear picture of your bronze public image and hence help you come up with better marketing strategies and with better plants to focus on your target audience to get better results.

Although both types of agencies have their own perks, the results for your business will skyrocket when you find the right balance between digital advertising and conventional advertising. Whether you have a startup business or an already established business, the best option for you is to hire a full service. The best option for you is to hire a full-service agency that gives advertising and marketing services for digital platforms and for conventional as well

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