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The Pros and Cons of Working with An SEO Reseller – A Complete Overview

SEO; Search Engine Optimization is an integral technology of a digital marketing strategy. The tool allows search engines to understand a business website. 

In today’s digitalized era, most businesses worldwide have gone online. Selling SEO services is prevalent among digital marketing professionals, but have you ever thought of reselling search engine optimization services to other business domains. 

If you operate a digital marketing firm on your own, it might be an insightful decision to hire a third-party SEO Reseller to benefit your business and clients.  

Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of reselling SEO. 

What is An SEO Reseller?

An SEO Reseller Company, also called white label SEO Company, is a commercial organization that houses search engine optimization experts who have excelled in content marketing for the company’s clients. The firm they work for is a company that provides SEO services to their traffic.

The process drive profit and success for all the parties involved if it runs smoothly by professionals with a deep dedication to the company’s needs. 

A reseller delivers the marketing work and publishes content to the client’s website without attaining any recognition. The reseller usually involves the clients with a cooperative agreement and states that they won’t interfere with the SEO agency clients without permission. It is one lucrative and insightful option to hire an SEO agency to avail of the best services. 

SEO Reseller Company has an efficient in-house marketing team with years of experience and skills, working as a unit in deep bonds to meet the common objective. 

The outcome depends on the intent to have more time and liberty to focus on other factors that contribute to the success of your business, whether the companies need to hire professionals or not,

It is pretty challenging to run a successful marketing strategy, and the project needs further assistance to expand. 

You can hire a white label SEO Company in India to take the burden off when it concerns robust marketing to the clients. 

Advantages of Working with An SEO Reseller

A digital marketing agency can benefit in various ways through an agreement with an SEO reseller. Moreover, the benefits are discussed below:

  • Clients Enjoy Upgraded Services

 An SEO Reseller houses an expert team that is well-updated on the latest technologies and trends. Also, it helps the company offer its clients the most upgraded SEO services from experts. 

Advanced hacks make the clients’ campaigns more successful, boosting their ranking and traffic. It also builds a strong brand reputation and brand value. 

  • Time-effective 

SEO is a long-term task. It needs time, technique, devotion, and data analysis to drive the best result from the campaigns. Not everyone is an expert in implementing SEO strategies, so it is helpful to hire SEO Company India; if you don’t possess expertise in the task.

Digital marketing is a vast sector with various verticals. When you start with a digital marketing agency, you might not have full-stack digital marketing solutions. It will save time if you hand over the responsibility to experienced professionals. 

  • Growth in Clientele Base

The current marketplace is highly competitive and demanding. The algorithms continue to change, and you need a constant supply of upgraded SEO services to govern the market. Your digital marketing company can benefit to a large extent by hiring SEO resellers.

SEO resellers execute the client search engine services, and your digital marketing agency can draw the attention of more clients. It is a white label partnership where the reseller never discloses their identity or contribution to the clients. 

Therefore, it is a profitable partnership that benefits the company and the reseller. Moreover, the excellent services help you bring more clients, and your market reputation will be high. 

  • Budget-friendly Solutions 

Digital marketing companies can save a large amount of money while working with SEO resellers. Also, it implies you can enjoy profit and the best SEO services without interrupting the in-house work.

You can remove the SEO training costs and hiring costs from the budget. In addition, you can avail excellent SEO services without having an in-house setup.

SEO tools are expensive, but in this case, you don’t have to be concerned about this cost as resellers carry these tools. You can offer quality and upgraded services to your clients at an affordable range this way.

  • Focus on the In-House Job Responsibilities 

When an SEO reseller manages your client’s search engine optimization requirement, you have more time to concentrate on your expertise and excellence in the core task. Also, you must not get into the SEO process if you are not confident enough.

If you can deal with SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), and client acquisition, you better focus on these aspects. 

When you work on what you are good at, you can deliver the best performance to your clients. Also, you can expand your service arena by hiring SEO resellers at the same time.

Disadvantages of Working with An SEO Reseller

Like every other thing, SEO Reseller brings in some disadvantages, along with all the advantages.  The section highlights the downsides of Reseller SEO Services.

  1. You might lose control over some business aspects. Moreover, when you outsource your clients’ SEO services to an SEO reseller, you can not supervise as you could if you let the task be executed within the company. The scenario might lead to miscommunication, affecting the campaigns if the job is not done rightly.
  2. Sometimes, making changes might become an issue in these cases. The company’s in-house jobs have advantages. SEO professionals need to implement the changes fast with transparent instructions. 

Things to Consider

Here are a few tips on what aspects the companies need to keep in mind while choosing SEO Resellers. 

  • Opt for a reputable company that not only claims to deliver the best performance but also does the same. 
  • Check the pricing package of different SEO resellers, as the abnormally low price can indicate inefficiency in skills or services. Also, you need to research first and then jump into the search process.
  • Check how the SEO reseller communicates with its clients and whether the interaction is transparent.
  • The approach must be productive and creative.


The potentials are endless for a white label SEO resellers program. The reseller companies strive to deliver excellent customer satisfaction and maintain dedication throughout the project.

In-house tasks are more trustworthy, but sometimes, outsourcing becomes more impactful in delivering high-quality results. 

You can hire SEO agencies such as Digital Infoways to avail the best SEO services.

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