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There are several factors to consider when choosing a new towel. The first is the quality. You want a well-crafted, high-quality towel that feels luxurious to hold. The next step is considering the material. The best hand towels are made from long-staple cotton for the strongest feel, which also reduces breakage and increases the towel’s lifespan. Other factors to consider include weight, absorbency, loop density, double-turned edges, durability, and care.

Factors to consider when choosing hand towels

The next consideration is the material. Generally, you want a lightweight towel that dries quickly. However, you should also consider the GSM of the towel. Guest and hand towels should be at least 400 GSM. The last consideration is the design. Luxury hand towels are often thicker and longer-lasting than their counterparts. Aside from their superior absorbency, these towels can help you create an at-home spa experience.

Towel quality also plays a big role in your choice. To get a good towel, you should research different types and features. The top three factors to consider when buying a hand towel are the weight, size, and material. In this article, you’ll learn more about these factors and how to choose the best towel for your home. The best towels will also feature hanging loops so that you can easily hang them without any hassles. The hanging loops will save you space in a small bathroom.

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Choose the material

When shopping for a hand towel, make sure to choose a cotton-based one, as cotton-based hand towels tend to be absorbent. You should also take into account the weight of the towel, as heavier hand towels are more absorbent than light-weight ones. In addition to the material, consider the GSM and the type of yarn. For a higher GSM, choose a two-ply or combed cotton towel.

In addition to color, you should consider the fabric. Cotton is a good choice for a hand towel as it’s highly absorbent. Unlike other materials, cotton terrycloth is softer and has more loops. It’s also better at absorbing dyes. Therefore, it is important to check the GSM and the woven texture of the hand towel before buying it. It’s important to choose a towel that fits your needs.

Cosider the size of hand towels

Towels vary in terms of weight and material. The higher the GSM, the better the quality. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent a towel is. In addition to comparing colors, look at the material. Ringspun cotton is more absorbent than combed cotton, and the more loops it has, the more luxurious and expensive it is.

When buying hand towels, you should consider the material.

  • The thickness of the towel should be able to accommodate the water you use on it.
  • Some of the best hand towels have a higher GSM than others, which means that they are thicker.

Save you space in your bathroom

In addition, a heavier towel will dry faster. The quality of the material is important when choosing a hand towel. A high GSM will last longer, so choose one that will last for a long time.

When buying hand towels, size is another factor to consider. The size of a hand towel should be approximately 15 x 25 inches, but you should also consider the material and weight. A bath towel should be around thirty by 55 inches. While a small hand towel is ideal for small children, a large bath towel should fit adults perfectly. The most absorbent type is made of 100% cotton. Moreover, it’s combed cotton will prevent pilling and other defects.


The material used for a hand towel is a very important factor to consider when selecting it. You should look for a towel that has the highest GSM. A towel should also be soft and absorbent, but it should also not be slippery. A luxurious hand towel should be double-turned to prevent fraying and improve durability. Quick-drying cotton bath towel should have hanging loops to hang them. This will save you space in your bathroom and prevent them from tangling or slipping off.

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