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The Nest – this student accommodation Leicester with a unique name has allured a large number of students that arrive in this city from different parts of the world. This student accommodation offers a mammoth number of amenities along with world-class well-furnished rooms.
It is for sure that you will not be disappointed if you choose The Nest as your student accommodation Leicester. Let’s have a look at some of the major aspects of The Nest that will help you in knowing more about this place and selecting it as your place of stay.

Prepare for Exams at Study Table and Chair

A study table and chair can be found at each place of accommodation in this place. It allows you to study your subjects comfortably and prepare for the exams. You can start your study from the first day of joining this place and can make a good academic record.
Keep Your Books, Clothes, and Other Things at Plenty of Storage Spaces Available
There is a mammoth arrangement of storage space in the rooms and studios of this property. Putting the clothes in the right place is a major requirement for everyone. Moreover, books are also required to be stored in the right place by the students.
At The Nest, the students find the storage spaces for both. There are wardrobes available to keep the clothes organized. On the other hand, the bookshelves are also available to systematically manage the books.
We can also keep the chest of drawers available here as the other storage spaces, where you can keep various other things.
Apart from all, under-bed storage is also provided to the students where they can keep a lot more material.

Have a Great Fun with Entertainment and Gaming Facilities

Fun is necessary along with the study. In The Nest, the students find the entertainment as well as the gaming facilities, which are the sources of great fun for them without any second thought.
Starting from the rooms or studios in which you live, you find a television inside every place of accommodation. So, in your spare time, you can enjoy different types of TV shows and can also watch the news.
In addition to this, cinema is also provided to the students where they can enjoy watching the movies with friends.
On the other hand, the students can also enjoy playing games here. There is an arrangement of table tennis for the gaming lover students.

Study, Entertainment, Shopping, Communication, and More with Wi-Fi Internet

The internet has become a major source of various aspects of life. First, you can study with the help of the internet. You can accomplish your projects & assignments through the internet. Moreover, you can also attend the online lectures. As a matter of the fact, the internet has become a necessary thing for the students in the present scenario.
On the other hand, it is a great source of entertainment. Video hosting platforms like YouTube & Dailymotion and various OTT platforms provide wonderful entertainment to the students.
Besides, it is also a known fact that all types of shopping are available on the internet and a number of individuals like to do online shopping.
Apart from all, it is the major source of communication through emails or real-time apps such as WhatsApp. There are many other things that you can do with the help of the internet.
To accomplish all these purposes, you get the Wi-Fi internet on The Nest. You can stay connected to the internet on your laptops and smartphones. But, you need to pay the bill for accessing Wi-Fi here.

Well Equipped Kitchens

All the accommodations at The Nest comprise well-equipped kitchens, where you get all types of facilities related to cooking, etc. There is a cooking hob available inside the kitchen for preparing delicious meals. In addition, a microwave is also available for cooking as well as heating.
Moreover, there is also a refrigerator inside the kitchen for keeping fruits, vegetables, and other items fresh as well as for freezing the ice and making the ice creams.

Stay Safe through Security Features

Excellent security features are available at The Nest to provide you complete safety for yourself and your belongings. First of all, there is 24/7 security staff. Therefore, it is very difficult for unknown intruders to enter the property. Moreover, secure door entry is also available to give some control of the safety of your belongings to yourself.
There are also CCTV cameras installed at The Nest. Therefore, all the activities that are unwanted can be detected and the security issues can be resolved in case of any issue. The contents insurance service is also available to provide compensation to the students in case of any loss.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are just a few features of The Nest. There are many others, which make it a perfect place of accommodation for the overseas students.

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