Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Maintenance Crew In Chicago


Because chimney cleaning is an unregulated industry in the US, most businesses do not have proper certification. Anybody can start a cleaning company without having to obtain certification. This means that you don’t know if the company you are considering hiring is actually knowledgeable about what they do. You can do your own research online to find certified chimney repair Chicago. It is easy to locate a trustworthy maintenance team online. You can search the Internet to see if there have been any complaints about a company. It is best to remove the company from your list once you have found these complaints.

Professionalism and Experience

These traits can be difficult to evaluate through ads. However, you can look at the company’s official website to determine its efficiency. They should have a clear description of what they offer and a well-organized list of services. If you have any questions or clarifications, a contact number should be readily available.

They should arrive on time and have all the necessary equipment and should be polite and willing to answer questions. They should display organization and a work ethic upon their arrival. Referrals can be a good option when searching for a repair company. You will already have a reliable testimony about the company’s efficiency.


You should choose a company that you feel comfortable inviting into your home. It can be hard to trust these businesses in these difficult times. It is important that authorities identify the company so you can easily ask for help and file a complaint if something goes wrong. You want chimney repair Chicago professionals who are trustworthy and have a good working relationship with customers. When they are working in your home, it is important to speak with them and ask questions.

These are essential to ensure the highest quality services. These characteristics will help you choose the best chimney cleaners to hire each year. Keeping your chimney clean can protect your family from accidents and illnesses.

The Essential Information You Need About Chimney Sweep Certification

You can learn about the certification process for chimney sweeps, whether you are looking to become one or already have the job. This certification shows that they have the proper training to install, maintain, clean, and repair chimneys in Chicago areas.

Chimney Sweep Association of America

The CSIA requires that candidates for the Certified Chimney Sweep credential pass two tests. To study and pass the test, candidates will need to have three books. These books include:

  • Successful Chimney Sweeping 2011 edition
  • NFPA 211 2013 edition
  • International Residential Code 2006 edition.

A review session (held across the country) or a hands-on six-day program through the Chimney Sweep Training School is mandatory for first-time test-takers. After completing these requirements, students will need to take two tests within a year. Proctors can administer these tests online or in person.

  • On the first exam, students use Successful Chimney Sweeping and NFPA 211. Exams must be completed in one hour. They consist of multiple-choice and true/false questions.
  • The International Residential Code textbook is used for the second exam. Candidates are allowed to complete the exam in 90 minutes.
  • CSIA requires that individuals recertify every year to keep their credentials valid. CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are required. They also require reviews, exams, and payment. Swedes who have earned 48 CEUs in the year after certification are not required to take an exam or attend a review.

Certified Chimney Professionals (CCP)

CCP is an independent company providing credentialing for chimney sweeps. The CCP offers three certifications and most sweeps would prefer to have one of these credentials in addition to their CSIA certification:

  • Certified Chimney Professional
  • Chimney Reliner Certificate
  • Certified Master-Chimney Technician

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