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Caravans are the hot cakes of the travel industry nowadays. Many people are showing interest in travelling comfortably in their own space, either alone or with their bunch of people. In this scenario, choosing the best caravan for rent per day may seem like a challenge, especially when there are many options. We can overcome this situation by considering a few things before choosing the best caravan from the market.  


The following are the few things we can focus on before selecting a good caravan for your trip:

Why rent a caravan?  


The caravan is the best utility one can have a good relationship with when travelling. It is always best to rent a caravan rather than buy it as the cost of firsthand, and secondhand caravans is high compared to the rental prices. The average caravan rent ranges from 25000 to 75000 depending upon its facilities.  


Also, there are many caravans rental services like Cara wander to provide you with some of the best caravans in the country.   


The process to rent a caravan in India  


Renting a caravan is quite an easy task where you must pick up a place where you want to travel to, book the date slots for your entire travel and choose the caravan that you like the most out of the caravans that the rental service provides and have a beautiful ride all the way. You can also fill in forms with your details like name, contact numbers and mail IDs to book a caravan for you.  

Some rental services also give discounts on tour packages so that you can travel more affordably.   


 Things to remember before renting a caravan  


  • Once you plan your trip, it is best to book your caravan at the earliest as it gives you a chance to select the caravan with all the facilities and helps you to avail early discount offers, if any. Also, if you rent for more time, you can get more discounts on the ride. The deal on the caravan also depends on the one season and offseason. In the off-season, you might get discounts on the rental prices.  

              The rents can also vary based on the facilities you get with them.  


  • You might need a tow car to pull your caravan in some cases. Then you should select which suits the best to pull the weight of your caravan. It would be best to consider the baggage you will be carrying in the caravan before choosing the two cars, as the caravan’s weight should be in line with the tow car.  


  • It is always advisable to choose a small or medium-sized caravan if you are a ginner in travel as it would be easy for you to travel through the mountains and steep areas if you choose a small caravan. It is also highly recommended to learn how to drive a caravan with a tow car attached before going through the mountains as it makes your journey easy and hassle-free.  


  • Another crucial point to keep in mind is the hygiene the caravan holds. The caravan you choose should have all the basic facilities like neat and composed rooms, clean toilets and a kitchen equipped with kitchenware, bedrooms with comfortable beds and a living room with basic entertainment. You also need to learn how a caravan works, like filling up the tanks and cleaning the waste of the tanks from the lessor before renting a caravan.  


  • Contact the deposit details you need to pay beforehand and under which conditions you will not be getting your deposits back. Insurance is another crucial aspect to consider here. Ask for the insurance coverage details and take out the extra insurance that you need to pay beforehand to not have to worry about paying the large amount at once.   


Things to carry while travelling in a caravan  


The following are the basics to carry while travelling in a caravan  

  • A tool kit with a hammer, cable ties, screwdriver, WD40, shifting spanner  
  • Pads needed for under drop jacks  
  • Awning straps  
  • Spare tyres needed for caravan and vehicle  
  • 12-volt inflation unit and tyre pressure kit  
  • Coupling lock  
  • Check the gas and water levels from time to time and bring extra gas and water for long journeys  




Caravans are mini houses on wheels, and with the best caravan rental services in hand, we can travel to the places on our wish list with gist and zeal.  


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