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From 2022, the new course of ITIL course study will be implemente annually at high schools nationwide. So “Information I” will be set up as a common compulsory subject. Also, from the Common Test for University Admissions conducte in 2025, “information” including programming will be adopte as a subject. The compulsory course “ITIL course” covers a wide range of highly specialize fields such as problem-solving in the information society, communication and information design, programming, and data science, and each high school is preparing for the course. Has been done.

How should we teach such highly specialize information education to students in an easy-to-understand manner at high school and prepare for the common test for university admission? Also, how will the high school scene change as “Information I” becomes a compulsory course?

Life is Tech Lesson” of “Information

In 2021, the EdTech teaching material “Life is Tech Lesson” of “Information” was introduce to the school setting subjects, and Oita Prefectural Hida High School’s Professor Genji Endo, Professor Takeharu Yokooji, and Professor Ryosuke Kudo achieved high satisfaction and results. From the conversation between Mikata and Noriyuki Marumoto, an executive officer of Life Is Tech, who provides various learning and school teaching materials as a top runner in IT and programming education for junior and senior high school students, the development of information education using EdTech teaching materials in high school. Explore prospects. In addition, we will also introduce the EdTech teaching materials “Life is Tech Lessons” provide by Life Is Tech.

Learn the basics of numerically-base inquiry learning with Information

It is a big change that “Information” has become a compulsory subject. Until now, the require courses for information were selecte from “Society and Information” and “Science of Information”, but I got the impression that all the courses were superficial. However, I am positive because I will learn programming and data science by becoming “Information ” and I can learn more about the information of aws course.

In the new course of study, “inquiry” is one of the keywords. By learning “Information I”, you can develop the ability to convey your opinions base on logical thinking and statistical support, so “time for comprehensive inquiry” etc. is just a survey. I hope that it will lead to inquiry learning with numerical grounds, not just learning. From this year, all the first graders have been working on programming in the school setting subjects, so I think that it will organically lead to the subject research in the second grader next year.

The examination is a big mission as a preparatory school

Another major change is the inclusion of “Information I,” which includes programming in the Common Test for University Admissions. Responding to the examination is a big mission as a preparatory school, and we must consider how to make the contents understood in the future.

Regarding the teaching system, our school has a special curriculum by SSH (Super Science High School). So that require information courses are replace with school-set courses that cross. The science, science, and mathematics of information. We are. Regarding the teaching system, mathematics and science teachers are conducting team teaching, and this year, Yokooji, who is in charge of mathematics, and Kudo, who is in charge of physics, gave programming classes.

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