Top 5 games to make real money online

Top 5 games to make real money online

Hello friends, if you also want to earn money from your phone, that too through application, then friends today I have got the data of top 5 best online earning apps for all of you, with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home. Well friends, there are many applications to earn you money, which tell you that you can earn money, although hardly there are in this way, still friends, about top 5 best online earning apps that I will tell. Very helpful for you. can come and a large number of people can rely on it and earn money with its help.To learn more about satta king gaming then click here.

Despite the fact that there are many ways to bring in wealth, a large number of which are work, then some with the ultimate goal that you need to downplay the virtues, then, something should be possible. Everyone has a fantasy that they have some work with the help of which they can earn money and why not have this fantasy! All things considered, the world is driving a direct result of this. These days it is the era of cell phones anyway and there are many proven applications on playstore with the help of which to earn money, especially for the home ladies and savvy, this can change for the better. So let’s know about the 5 best online earning apps of Google Play Store right now friends.


This is a gaming application where you need to play the game, this application has about 10M+ downloads and also its surveys are generally excellent, with a rating of 4.4. Now if we discuss this application, then in this you have two live 15 minute quiz session every day which timing is 10 PM and 1:30 PM in the first part of the day in which you will get correct answer of each question asked in the quiz. Answer is required.

You get Paytm Cash. The most important thing about this application is that it retains the “Hindi” language, you can add it by setting it to Hindi if you wish. What’s more, the second most important thing is that you can help with the cost of your winning game through Paytm and the cost amount starts from Rs.500. Which is increased by the number of people playing the test simultaneously.

Dream11 Game

This game is better for cricket lovers, as this game is completely based on cricket. Where every question is related to cricket, with the help of this many people win lakhs of rupees daily. This game remains the most number one person ever, because most of the people are keen on cricket and this game depends on it. To play Dream Game, you have to download this application, for which you can download by visiting its site. 

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After doing this, you have to choose 11 players from your team. Then when the match starts and your selected players will proceed accordingly, you will get the focus. If your chosen players play right then you can win up to lakhs of rupees if all act positively according to your situation.

Keettoo App

This application works the other way around, in that you connect different brands to a promotional phase, and this means you can see different types of ads from different types of brands on this application. All its customers get money. This is not the only feature of it, but it is the console of an Android phone, which has so many features inside, with the help of it you can do many things. You will present this application, then, at that time, it will request some consent from you which you need to give permission and enroll yourself on it and create an ID. You can retrieve the money earned in this application by linking it to MobiKwik or Paytm Wallet.



This application is also an effective way to earn money which has been specially tested. In addition, there is a rationale behind it as well, on the grounds that this application is an entertaining video making application, because it is what many people achieve more in India, at that time, it also became increasingly famous because you can make money from it. Can earn it, then, at that time, individuals use it more. Started playing This Kwai app currently has 50M+ downloads and the ratings are also generally excellent.

 Also, this application has one in the middle, in addition to earning money by keeping recordings, you get a reward if you win it. Also you have to remember one more thing that you just have to use your phone’s camera to put video on it and you have to put video from that actually at that time it will be valid if not then you can not earn from it.



In this Meesho app you are a reseller where you need to sell its items with your customers. Regardless of whether you have a subscriber, you can share its external reference with your WhatsApp group or with your friends by including your upper edge and send the quote. 

Send money to account. The great thing about this is that you just need to sell their items and things, adding your edge, they will wrap themselves up. When your customer makes a request, all you need to do is enter his/her location and name in Meesho, after which these individuals will send the request to your customer.