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The pandemic introduced a new form of entertainment via OTT development. 

Today, the way entertainment is being viewed has been upgraded and enhanced for the better. 

While we all had to remain indoors, the presence of an OTT streaming app or OTT TV app made the long days less dull. Statista revealed, ‘’The revenue from OTT platforms rose to approximately 19 billion Indian rupees in the fiscal year 2020. It is expected that by 2022, this will rocket up to 46 billion rupees.’’

With the pandemic now fading, the OTT industry witnessed multiple OTT-business come to power. 

These businesses witnessed a better consumer market and enjoyed the revenue they received each quarter. Since you’re here reading this blog, are you wondering if your industry can enjoy these benefits too?

The answer is yes. OTT app development can benefit multiple other types of industries. To find out if your industry meets the list, read along. 

Top 6 Industries That Will Gain From OTT App Development

1. Media & Entertainment sectors

The media and entertainment industry can drive better revenue with OTT apps. Multi-sector OTT app development can happen. For instance, say in media houses, we are used to accessing news from our TV channels on one device. The drawback is we are limited to this news on one device. 

With OTT TV apps, media houses can allow users to access the same news via OTT apps anytime and anywhere. The same goes for the entertainment sector. Today multiple OTT handles are popular such as Netflix. With OTT app development, creating a platform to access VOD content makes it more convenient. 

2. Education sectors

Another sector that will proudly benefit from the use of OTT apps is the education sector. For decades, we have always witnessed access to education in physical spaces. But due to the pandemic, education now has a new way to access it via OTT apps. Today multiple teachers and students use OTT platform apps to engage with each other. 

From group discussions to 1-1 meetings, this OTT business is building a bridge to allow education access to take place more easily. Previously, accessing education online was a mere habit, but today millions of students using an internet connection can resume quality learning with a single click. 

3. Gaming sectors

Live gaming streaming is becoming a popular gaming experience for millions of fans across the globe. Today, an OTT platform makes it possible for gamers to stream their live games and earn from subscriptions. Multiple players in the market are even setting up this platform, such as Youtube gaming, Facebook gaming, etc. 

These platforms can be lived streamed and also shared as VOD when needed. Viewers can stream these live games, watch commentaries and earn from different mediums such as donations, etc. 

4. Health and Fitness sectors

The health industry is another sector that can drive better revenue via OTT apps. The pandemic has driven more users to focus on their health better. While everyone had to stay indoors, OTT tv apps made it easy to continue being healthy with a single click. Multiple OTT TV apps exhibit an unlimited library of various fitness videos. Choose from cardio videos to yoga videos and more with your choice of subscriptions. 

5. Sports sectors

If you cannot visit physical sports spaces, OTT apps ensure they bring it to you. The sports industry can benefit highly from OTT platform apps. These apps can help stream live sports events that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Today multiple sports shows are engaging with OTT app developers to create OTT apps that exhibit popular sports. 

Here this industry business owners can also use analytics to track the app’s performance so that the content can be further curated as per the user interest. This action will retain more attention and increase the subscription count. 

6. Entrepreneurship sectors

Entrepreneurs understand the real struggle when it comes to launching their products. It will take time to create a brand image and engage with their target audience. But did you know that creating and engaging the brand image can be done sooner with OTT apps? With OTT platform apps, entrepreneurs can start to build a brand image. The apps can be used for users to understand the product better, and entrepreneurs can also start building a community even before their business goes on. 


OTT platform apps are convenient forms of accessing original and popular video-on-demand content. 

You now hold the list that clearly explains how well the above-listed industry can benefit from the ability of an OTT app platform. 

So to commence your OTT platform, you require an OTT app builder. While creating from scratch is time-consuming, it is better to speed up the process with a reliable OTT solution.

So, tell us when do you plan to get started? From the list, which industry do you belong to?

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